Shivering:Syndelius Gatharian

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Syndelius Gatharian
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Location Xedilian
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Level 1 Class Warrior
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Other Information
Health 10000 Magicka 100
Respons. 50 Aggress. 5
Syndelius Gatharian
Syndelius the Mage confronts a gnarl

Syndelius Gatharian, a Dunmer warrior, is the mage of a group of three adventurers who have decided to try their luck in the Shivering Isles after having plundered various dungeons in Cyrodiil. They are the first to enter Xedilian after you have reactivated the Resonator of Judgement.

Life as an adventurer must have been profitable, since Syndelius can treat himself to the rare aqua silk robes and a pair of expensive blue suede shoes. In combat, he relies on a lesser staff of lightning.

He doesn't exist in-game before the related quest and you will first see him in Xedilian's gnarl chamber along with companions Lewin Tilwald and Grommok gro-Barak. Once he enters the first room he will be a bit edgy:

"Curious. This one is smaller than the others we've encountered."
"I'd stay back, no telling what that thing can do."
"What an odd ruin."
"I can't help but feel someone is watching us."

If you unleash a horde of gnarls, he will fearfully say: "Wait just a moment... what's that sound?" He will then help fight off the creatures, although he doesn't manage to save Lewin. After Grommok expresses his rage he will comfort him: "There's nothing to be done here. We must press on." If you decide to make the Breton go crazy, he will say: "Be careful. There may be more to this creature than meets the eye." Once the gnarl starts growing he will be startled: "Are my eyes playing tricks, or is the creature growing?" As the gnarl becomes enormous he will cry: "Run for your lives!" Once it has disappeared, he muses: "All this time it was merely an illusion, how clever." After Grommok notices Lewin's madness, he feels squeamish about pressing on: "I think this place got to him... perhaps we should leave."

Whichever decision you make, he and Grommok continue to the next room and he will soon become frustrated as he sees the locked treasure, randomly repeating:

"If only my arts included open lock spells...."
"Such riches shouldn't go to waste. We must get in."
"Odd statues."
"Something isn't right here."
"Gold... gems... keys... all mine... find keys..."

Once you've pressed either button he will warn his companion: "Grommok, careful! This looks too good to be true!" If you decide to end his life, he will try to dissuade Grommok from attempting to pick the lock: "Grommok! No!" As soon as he touches the cage, a trap will blow them away, killing Syndelius. If you decide to tamper with his mind, he will reassure Grommok they can make it even without Lewin: "We'll have to fend for ourselves. Do you think you can pry the door open?" After they fail to open it, he will muse: "To be so close, and yet so far. If only we had the key! Wait.. do you hear something?" As you release a shower of keys, he joyfully exclaim: "Look! Keys! One of them must open the gate! We're rich!" He will then fall to his knees and frantically begin to look for the right one, ignoring Grommok's pleas: "I'll know it when I see it! Yes... it must be here!" Eventually, he succumbs to madness: "...find it... yes... I must find the key... rich beyond all my dreams... hehehe" Once Grommok leaves the room, he will cower in fits of madness, randomly repeating:

"Riches... countless riches! All mine!"
"Must find the key! Must find the key!"
"Gold... gems... keys... all mine... find keys..."

If you chose this option, he will later relocate to a cage-room near the entrance of Xedilian, awaiting entrance into Sheogorath's realm.

As Grommok's journal reveals, it was Syndelius who recognized that Duskfang/Dawnfang was an Akaviri weapon as well as realizing its changing of form at dawn and dusk and its "blood drinking" nature.

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  • Although he is referred to as Syndelius the Mage, he is a Warrior by class and cannot cast any spells.
  • Even though he certainly is part of the group of adventurers, he isn't a member of the relevant faction.