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Ficheiro:SK-place-Shadowgate 1.jpg
One type of Shadowgate. This one is in Dragonstar West
Ficheiro:SK-place-Shadowgate 2.jpg
Another type of Shadowgate. This one from Loth' Na Caverns
Delfran's Shadowkey on his throne

In their simplest form, Shadowgates are doors opened by Shadowkeys. Usually, all the gates in a zone are opened by keys found in the same zone, but there are a few exceptions.

In total there are 14 Shadow Gates: [verification needed — Is this accurate?]

§ — These two are key-protected teleporters rather than doors. Opening one automatically opens the other.
† — Requires three keys to open. See the Crypt of Hearts I page for more information.
* — Opened by any shadowkey
‡ — this isn't a typical gate, as it is invisible.

In addition, the large crystal found in Fearfrost II can also be thought of as a kind of shadowgate, as it is opened by the key found in the previous zone, Fearfrost Caverns.


Shadowkeys are a type of magic key, that open "Shadow Gates".

There are eleven Shadowkeys in the game, most of which belong to powerful enemies who must be killed to obtain them.

Delfran's Shadowkey
Found on Delfran's throne after killing its owner during the Rescue Prisoners quest.
Spider's Shadowkey
Found at the north end of Earthtear Caverns in a chest behind the Diamond Spider Queen.
Twilight Shadowkey
Carried by Pergan Asuul, who can be found in a room to the south of Twilight Temple.
Goblin's Shadowkey
Carried by Tirasch in Fearfrost Caverns.
Eglar's Shadowkey
Held by Eglar Thundren in Raider's Nest
Tanyin's Shadowkey
Handed over by Tanyin Aldwyr as a reward for the quest Tanyin Mages' Guild.
Porliss' Shadowkey
Handed over by Porliss Caith as a reward for the quest Porliss Thieves' Guild.
Duvais' Shadowkey
Held by General Duvais in Loth' Na Caverns.
Lakvan's Shadowkey
Found on Lakvan's corpse after his death in Lakvan's Stronghold.
Perosius' Shadowkey
Found on Perosius' body in Broken Wing II.
Chieftain's Shadowkey
Found in a chest in the northwest of Glacier Crawl.