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The statue in the center of Dragonstar West
One of the merchants
Colleen in the Mage's Guild

Dragonstar West is the first part of the city of Dragonstar that will be encountered. It can be reached from Dragonfields and leads to Dragonstar East.

Its inhabitants mostly fall into the category of being either the cause or the result of the ongoing conflict between Hammerfell and Skyrim: some of them will attack you on sight while the others will beg you for help. The former can be dealt with in the usual manner; the latter can be helped. They will make one of several requests:

Simply talking to the refugee will give you 100XP
Food is short in the city and many refugees make a plaintive request for bread. If you are prepared to give them some, you receive 300XP
Some refugees simply want money. You can refuse, or give them either 25 or 100 gold. 25 gold nets you 100XP and 100 gold will give you 425XP.
Some of the refugees know somebody who has lost their sight. If you can give them a Cure Blindness Balm you gain 1,000XP

The Mages Guild can be found in Dragonstar West and can be joined by talking to Colleen. Eranthos will offer training to Battlemages, Spellswords and Sorcerers, and will also buy and sell spells.

Completing the merchant services are three stalls in the center of the region, buying and selling Armor, Consumables and Weapons.

There are two Shadow Gates in this area. The one to the north blocks the entrance to Geldwyr Manor, in which lies the powerful Penumbric Throwing Knife. Behind the southern gate is a brazier with an unusual effect: once activate, a shadow enters the room and then merges with you, infusing you with extra strength.

Dragonstar Guard
Eranthos Spell Merchant Trainer
Porliss Caith

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Map of Dragonstar West
  1. Exit to Dragonfields
  2. Gate to Dragonstar East
  3. Consumables merchant
  4. Armor merchant
  5. Weapons merchant
  6. Volstok Violet
  7. Porliss Caith
  8. Chest containing the Mages' Guild Roster
  9. Colleen
  10. Shadow Gate
  11. Shadowgate