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The Doomcrag
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Daggerfall Covenant
Level 30
Discovery ON-mapicon-AyleidRuin.png 348 XP
ON-mapicon-Wayshrine.png 348 XP
Completion Objective
2317 XP
Northwest of Shornhelm
"Morachellis speculated that the Ayleids who built the great spire above Erokii were attempting to create a metaphysical structure that would be a focus of Aurbic power, much as the Adamantine Tower is said to be. I have no idea what that means." —Phrastus of Elinhir
The Doomcrag

The Doomcrag is an Ayleid tower located in northwestern Rivenspire, northwest of Shornhelm. Some believe that the tower was originally built to be a focus of Aurbic power, much like other towers across Tamriel, but it came to be the home of the Light of Life, a relic which helped plants grow and healed illnesses. Following a bloody conflict between the Ayleid settlers and the original inhabitants of the area, the relic was tainted, and became the Lightless Remnant, a beacon of death.

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Shrouded Pass

The Shrouded Pass from above

Outside the Doomcrag lies the Shrouded Pass, named for the thick fog which forms in the valley. The pass is all that remains of Erokii, once the greatest Ayleid city in the northwest. The Shrouded Pass is made up of two exterior levels, and four interior zones.

Shrouded Pass (Lower Level)



Shrouded Pass (Upper Level)

First Portal Chamber


Shrouded Pass Wayshrine

The Shrouded Pass Wayshrine is located on the upper level of the Shrouded Pass, beside the southern bridge.



The Relic Chamber

The Doomcrag itself lies at the head of the Shrouded Pass, and is made up of a bridge connected to Ceynaril, as well as three interior tiers.

Doomcrag Bridge

Doomcrag Lower Tier

Doomcrag Middle Tier

Doomcrag Upper Tier


A map of Varlasel in the Shrouded Pass
A map of Ceynaril in the Shrouded Pass
A map of The Doomcrag Bridge
A map of The Doomcrag Lower Tier
A map of The Doomcrag Middle Tier
A map of The Doomcrag Upper Tier
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