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ON-qico-Normal.png Help rescue the local canonreeve.
Zone: Auridon
Objective: Silsailen — Help repel the attackers invading the town of Silsailen.
Quest Giver: Elenwen
Location(s): Silsailen
Prerequisite Quest: Real Marines
Reward: Traitor's Flame
93 Gold, Silver302 Gold, Gold(?) Gold
XP Gain: 560
Recommended Level: 5
Valano Manor

Teldur has kidnapped Canonreeve Valano and taken him into the manor.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Speak with Elenwen.
  2. Find Teldur.
  3. Confront the traitor and then tell Elenwen what happened.

Detailed Walkthrough

After bringing Captain Tendil his men's supplies, leave the cellar to find Elenwen waiting for you. She will tell you that Teldur has betrayed her and is on his way to kill Canonreeve Valano. You must follow them into Valano Manor, by one of two methods:

  1. Approach the manor head-on, killing the guards at the front door to obtain the key.
  2. Circle around to the beach behind the manor, and enter through a ladder at the smuggler's entrance.

Either way, when you arrive at Valano's Manor, you will find many Veiled Heritance soldiers inhabiting the place. Teldur, however, is lying on the ground, near death, at the end of the entrance hall. In his last breaths, he tells you that it is Valano, not him, who is the traitor. Teldur discovered that he was a member of the Heritance, and was able to restrain Valano and bring him to the manor, but Valano's men were waiting for him.

Now armed with the truth, head upstairs to kill Valano. Once finished, you will find Elenwen outside. She is distraught that Valano, her own father, was the real traitor, but will take on the position of Canonreeve for the moment, with his death.

Quest Stages

Teldur's End
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to stop Teldur and rescue the Canonreeve. They were last seen entering the manor.
Objective: Find a Way Into Valano Manor
Objective Hint: Find the Hidden Entrance
Objective Hint: Get a Key From the Guards
I have entered Valano Manor and now need to find Teldur.
Objective: Find Teldur
It was Canonreeve Valano who betrayed the town. He has to pay for this.
Objective: Stop Valano
Finishes quest I've slain Canonreeve Valano. I have the sad duty to inform his daughter.
Objective: Speak to Elenwen
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