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ON-icon-Tel Var.png Tel Var Stones are the currency used in the Imperial City to purchase gear, crafting materials, and other items.

Earning Tel Var Stones

Tel Var Stones can only be earned in the sewers and districts of the Imperial City. They primarily drop from enemy mobs, and drop in multiples of four to encourage groups of four or less, as the Stones are shared equally between group members. More powerful enemies will drop greater amounts of Stones. Treasure Vaults and Cunning Scamps also offer large amounts of Stones. Completing quests in the Imperial City will reward you with boxes of Tel Var Stones (Light Tel Var Satchel, Medium Tel Var Sack, Hefty Tel Var Crate), which can safely be kept in the inventory until needed.

Carrying a large amount of Tel Var Stones grants a multiplier when in the Imperial City, which affects the number of Stones you receive: x2 for 100 stones, x3 for 1,000, and x4 for 10,000. However, Stones are lost if you die within the Imperial City. Dying to mobs results in 10% of your Stones being destroyed, while dying to an enemy player results in 80% of your Stones being looted and conferred to the player who landed the killing blow. This encourages lower-density PvP than in Cyrodiil proper. Dying outside of the Imperial City (or in the City's two Group Dungeons) will not result in any loss.

Using Tel Var Stones

Like Gold, Tel Var Stones can be deposited in your bank. Tel Var Stones can also be used to buy from merchants found in the sewers. These merchants offer Xivkyn style crafting materials, VR15 and VR16 crafting materials, unique runestones, and powerful set pieces.