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Heimlyn Keep
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Ebonheart Pact
Level 12
Discovery 102 XP
Completion Objective
683 XP
North of Kragenmoor
For many lifetimes, the reliquary vaults beneath Heimlyn Keep have been used to seal away objects of mystical potency too dangerous to be allowed to circulate in the world at large. The guardians of the reliquary have long been chosen from House Telvanni, wise in ancient magic.
Heimlyn Keep

Heimlyn Keep is a fort in western Stonefalls, north of Kragenmoor.

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Heimlyn Keep People

Heimlyn Keep
Adras Furari
Beron Telvanni
Hadrill Diina
Keeper Vildras
Merarii Telvanni
Neron Arona
Ramalii Malena


  • Heimlyn Keep also appeared in Arena.


A map of the Heimlyn Keep Reliquary
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