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Glade of the Divines
(lore page)
Shivering Isles (Neutral)
Level 15
Visited Simply Misplaced
Quest Chain
Mages Guild
The Shivering Isles
Shalidor may not have been the first wizard to call himself Arch-Mage, but history records him as such. When Vanus Galerion founded the Mages Guild, he declared the high guildmaster's title would be Arch-Mage to honor the memory of Shalidor.
The Glade of the Divines

The Glade of the Divines is a temple in the Shivering Isles, Sheogorath's plane of Oblivion. Arch-Mage Shalidor claims that Sheogorath has modelled the glade on the Summerset Isles in mockery of Shalidor's lost sanctuary, Eyevea.


Vuldngrav is a Nordic ruin in Skyrim and the burial place of the Dragon Priest Korthor.



Asakala is a ruin in the deserts of Hammerfell, and the burial place of Maleel al-Akir, the Scythe of Yokuda.

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A map of the Glade
A map of Vuldngrav
A map of Asakala
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