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Home Settlement Phaer
Race Altmer Gender Male
Level 7 Health 292

Camarino is an Altmer resident of Phaer in Auridon. His sister is a victim of the sudden plague enveloping the town, so he is carrying messages to the quarantine area from the townspeople.

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Plague of Phaer

You will find Camarino walking around town, going door to door soliciting messages: "I'm collecting letters. We give them to the guards, to pass to family in quarantine. Deliver any for you?"

Sorry, I'm not from around here.: "Oh. Of course, sorry. My younger sister is in there, has been for almost a week. I just hope my letters cheer her up a bit."
Have they told you how long they're going to keep them down there?: "Don't know. Only Hendil and Amuur go down there, really. The guards go inside sometimes to leave food and my letters, but they don't go much past the entrance. They won't let anyone else go in there."
I hope she gets better soon.: "Thanks. Me too. I'm off to collect more letters. Stars protect you, friend."

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