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Este artigo é sobre the enemy in Cath Bedraud. Para the version met in Coldharbour, veja Angof the Undying.

Angof the Gravesinger
Location Cath Bedraud
Race Breton Gender Male
Level 15 Health 11406
Other Information
Faction(s) Bloodthorn Cult
Angof the Gravesinger

Angof the Gravesinger is a Reachman necromancer and the leader of the Bloodthorn Cult. He plans to conquer all of Glenumbra. You must fight him in the final chamber of Cath Bedraud. Similar to the Bloodthorn zombies, Angof is in a painful state of undeath himself, with twisted vines emerging from his back.

In death, Angof is sent to Coldharbour, where you will encounter him as Angof the Undying.

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