Oblivion:Summitmist Manor

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Summitmist Manor
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# of Zones 3
Console Location Code(s)
SkingradSummitmistManor, SkingradSummitmistManorLivingQuarters, SkingradSummitmistManorBasement
Summitmist Manor

Summitmist Manor is a large house located in the northeastern part of Skingrad, just west of the east gate. It is situated beside Nerastarel's house and across from Toutius Sextius' house and Rosethorn Hall. The guests that reside in the manor are Primo Antonius, Dovesi Dran, Matilde Petit, Nels the Naughty and Neville. It contains three zones, Summitmist Manor, Summitmist Basement and Summitmist Living Quarters.

Related Quests

  • Whodunit: Summitmist Manor; there were six on the night of last and then there were none... save one.
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