Oblivion:Samuel Bantien's House

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Samuel Bantien's House
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Console Location Code(s)
ICTalosPlazaSamuelBantiensHouse, ICTalosPlazaSamuelBantiensHouseBasement, ICTalosPlazaSamuelBantiensHouseUpstairs
Imperial City, Talos Plaza District
Samuel Bantien's House

Samuel Bantien's House is located in the southwestern most quarter of the Talos Plaza District, next to Angelie's House and opposite the Southwest Watch Tower.

The house is a standard middle class Imperial City building on three floors: basement, ground floor and private quarters. The basement contains standard storage and clutter containers as well as a decent collection of Tamika wine. The ground floor is no better: it is mostly empty except for the dining table and the wine racks in the northwestern corner. All of the containers contain the usual food or clutter and there is nothing of real value. The private quarters upstairs fare a bit better: a Nirnroot is found atop a barrel to the left when entering and a few silverware is laid out on a table to the right. The two cupboards each hold up to eight pieces (75% each) of upper class clothing; while the chest on top one of the cupboards contains some spare change and a small chance (25%) of some unenchanted, leveled jewelry.