Oblivion:Kynareth's Grotto

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Kynareth's Grotto
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# of Zones 1
Important Treasure
Boots of the Crusader
Console Location Code(s)
Great Forest, [-8,12]
West of the Imperial City, northeast of Gottlesfont Priory
The entrance to Kynareth's Grotto in the Grove of Trials

Kynareth's Grotto is a small unmarked cave west of the Imperial City (plugin-specific). The cave's exterior is referred to as the Grove of Trials.

Related Quests


  • This small cave only becomes available once you have downloaded the Knights of the Nine official plug-in. It is inaccessible until after the test against the Forest Guardian at the Grove of Trials during the quest Nature's Fury.
  • This cave contains 10 Flax plants, 7 Green Stain Shelf plants, 5 Summer Bolete plants and 14 Viper's Bugloss plants.
  • This location provides the single largest source of Green Stain Shelf Cap in the game: there are eight of the plants surrounding the cave entrance (without the plug-in, there are only 24 such plants in the entire game). Another seven can be found within the cave, making this small cave a prime location for alchemists.


Key to Maps
Map of the Grove of Trials
  • The exterior is the Grove of Trials, located at coordinates: Tamriel -8, 12
  • 1 Forest Guardian (non-respawning) is near the entrance during the related quest
  • The entrance to the Grotto is sealed prior to the related quest
  • The following plants can be found near the entrance: 8 Flax plants, 7 Green Stain Cup plants, 8 Green Stain Shelf plants, 2 Monkshood plants, and 11 Viper's Bugloss plants

Zone 1: Kynareth's Grotto

Kynareth's Grotto
The Boots of the Crusader

This small cave is incredibly straightforward. You will enter from the door labeled Out on the map. Walk down a small ramp to emerge into a cavern with a great many bushes and other surface plants. Ignore the two non-aggressive spriggans and take the Boots of the Crusader off of the center pedestal at location Q on map.


  • 2 Spriggans (non-aggressive; non-respawning). You will receive one Infamy point if you choose to kill either of them.


Doors and Gates:

  • There is one door (at Out) in/out of this zone, leading outside