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Intelligence is the governing attribute for Conjuration, Mysticism, and Alchemy. It affects:

Intelligence does not affect the Magicka cost of spells, despite the in-game description that it affects "magic use" (see discussion at Magic Overview), however high Intelligence may be necessary to have enough Magicka available to cast the most powerful spells. Intelligence indirectly affects Magicka Regeneration through total magicka.

Character Creation

  • The Races page provides a table summarizing the initial intelligence for each race and gender.
  • No birthsigns provide intelligence bonuses (although several provide Magicka bonuses).
  • Or any custom class can select Intelligence as one of the custom class' two attributes.


  • When your Intelligence reaches 70 or higher, NPCs will start saying: "You look like a bright one."
  • Increasing your Intelligence past 100 using Fortify effects will continue to increase your maximum Magicka accordingly (intelligence × 2).
  • See Intelligence vs Willpower for a comparison of these two attributes' effect on your character's Magicka regeneration rate.

See Also

  • Robe of Creativity is a unique robe that can be obtained from Nilawen at The Fair Deal. Amongst other enchantments, the robe fortifies your intelligence attribute by 5 points. Note that, although identified as a robe, this item only covers your upper body, and therefore can be worn with pants or greaves.