Oblivion:Helping Hands

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OB-qico-General1.png Hire a housekeeper for your manor in Skingrad.
Quest Giver: Eyja at Colovian Traders in Skingrad
Location(s): Skingrad, Colovian Traders
Prerequisite Quest: Buying a house in Skingrad
Reward: A servant for the manor
ID: HouseServant

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Find Eyja in the Colovian Traders; she will approach you if you've purchased the Servants Quarters upgrade for Rosethorn Hall.
  2. Eyja will ask you about working for you; give her 150 gold, and she'll move in.
  3. You now have a servant for your manor. Eyja can be found in her quarters or wandering around the house during the day.

Detailed Walkthrough


Go into Colovian Traders. Waiting around inside during the day, you should find a Nord woman named Eyja. If you have purchased Rosethorn Hall and the Servants Quarters Upgrade, she will approach you and talk about working for you. You can also look for her. Give her 150 gold and she'll move in.

New Servant

Eyja will be found in her quarters in the basement most of the time but wanders the house during the day. If you have bought the Kitchen Upgrade talk to her about food or drink and she will provide you with seemingly limitless Shepherd's Pie and Rosethorn Mead.


  • If you have less than 150 gold, Eyja will accept whatever small amount of gold you have.
  • If you're a master of Alchemy, Eyja is a great way to make large amounts of gold. Simply keep asking her for Shepherd's Pie until you have about as much as you can carry (a feather spell can be useful). When you feel that you have enough, start pumping out Cure Disease potions made from the pies. If you sell them to a merchant, you can make around 2000 to 3000 gold, depending on how much you can carry. This is a great way to pay for upgrading the expensive home you bought.

Journal Entries

Helping Hands (HouseServant)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
100 Finishes quest I've hired a pleasant Nord woman named Eyja to staff my home as a maid at Rosethorn Hall. She said she'd take residence in the Servant's Quarters.

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