Oblivion:Fort Caractacus

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Fort Caractacus
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Conjurer Enemies
Console Location Code(s)
FortCaractacusExterior, FortCaractacusExteriorE, FortCaractacusExteriorN, FortCaractacusExteriorS, FortCaractacusExteriorSE, FortCaractacusExteriorSW, FortCaractacusExteriorW, FortCaractacus
North of the Imperial City, just off the Red Ring Road
Fort Caractacus

Fort Caractacus is a small fort north of the Imperial City containing conjurers (quest-related). It contains only one zone, Fort Caractacus.

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Key to Maps
Map of Fort Caractacus Exterior
  • The exterior is located at coordinates: Tamriel 4, 23
  • This location's map marker (M on map) is named Fort Caractacus (editor name FortCaractacusMapMarker). The entrance door is SW of the marker, 260 feet away.
  • 1-2 Animals (invisible; non-respawning) are near the entrance. 2-5 additional invisible animals are located further away (outside of the displayed map).
  • There is an alternate entrance located west-southwest of the main fort, within the ruins of another tower.
  • There is a small room on the north end of the tower's second level where Ancotar can be found. The following items are also in that area:

Zone 1: Fort Caractacus

Fort Caractacus

For a Conjurer lair, Fort Caractacus is surprisingly small and fairly linear; while you will most likely enter the fort through the locked entrance found in the exterior ruin (D), an alternative path is available by entering from door C. Either way, with the exception of the intersection in the southeastern area where a tunnel leads underground to locked door (G), hiding a chest and some low level equipment (E), simply explore the fort systematically and make sure to unlock the Gate at F, where there is the biggest chance of finding valuable random loot in the chest.



  • 1 Chest 01 (locked)
  • 1 Chest 02
  • 1 Chest 03
  • The following armor will always be found: 1 Iron Helmet
  • The following weapons will always be found: 2 Iron Arrows, 1 Iron Dagger, and 1 Steel Bow
  • Some of the above items are clustered at location E: 1 Chest 01 (locked), 2 Iron Arrows, and 1 Iron Helmet

Doors and Gates:

  • There are two doors (at C and D) in/out of this zone, both leading outside (locked)
  • 1 Gate at F (locked)
  • 1 Old Wooden Door at G (locked)