Oblivion:Corbolo River

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The Corbolo River

The Corbolo River has its source south of Cheydinhal and Lake Poppad. It flows through Nibenay Basin, and eventually empties into Niben Bay. The Reed River is a small tributary of the Corbolo, extending north and east from the larger river towards Cheydinhal and the Valus Mountains.

Lake Poppad is east of the Reed River, along with Vaermina's Shrine on its shore. The Yellow Road crosses the Corbolo, and there are a few caves and camps along the way. A few Nirnroots run along the length of the two rivers, more clumping at the mouth of the Corbolo. The Shadow Doomstone and a Hestra Rune Stone can be found near the Corbolo River.

A little north from the mouth lies Crestbridge Camp, where Barthel Gernand and his family have a little goblin trouble. Most of the locations for Barthel's quest — including Cropsford, Cracked Wood Cave, and Timberscar Hollow - are near the Corbolo.