Morrowind Mod:Wrye Mash

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Wrye Mash is a general purpose utility for managing and repairing mods and savegames. Currently it is the only tool that systematically prevents doubling. It combines multiple mod-management capabilities making it one of the most strongly recommended utilities for both modders and players. There are now several versions from which users may choose. All offer the same functionality for handling installer packages, mods and savegames through a GUI. A tutorial (in pdf format) is available from vermin.



  • Version: 0.84 [2/5/2009] Updated rarely.
  • Author: Wrye
  • Download: mod/mods/27588 Wrye Mash
  • Readme: Wrye Mash
  • This version requires a download of python and wxpython. An installation tutorial can be found at the UESP Forums.
  • For those willing to edit python, this version still offers the greatest customizability. An example of integrating external utility functions into the GUI is available from abot's edited file.


  • Version 0.0.3 [2010.11.6]
  • Author: Melchor
  • Download: WMSA
  • This is the first standalone version. This version introduced the 'Utilities' tab, allowing the user to call up programs from the Wrye Mash GUI.

Wrye Mash Fork

  • Version: 2011.05.11, 2012.01.05-dev
  • Author: Yacoby
  • Download: Wrye Mash Fork
  • This is the latest standalone version.

Installer Packages

  • Install and uninstall mod packages through a simple interface. No need to manually track the files belonging to different packages.
  • Easily view resource conflicts between packages.
  • Includes a 7zip dll allowing installers to remain in a compressed format, automatically uncompressing when the user installs the package.

Mod Management

  • Select, reorder and rename mods.
  • View mod readmes.
  • Label mods by Group/Genre (e.g., Fix, Weapon, NPC, Quest, etc.)
  • Sort mods by: Name, Date, Load Order, Size, Group/Genre, Author.
  • Backup, duplicate, snapshot, hide/unhide mods.
  • Merge and resequence leveled lists.

Mod Repair

  • Repair mod references.

Mod Editing

  • Edit Author and Description fields.
  • Edit masters list.
  • Copy esm to esp and vice versa.
  • Sort records.
  • Review
    • File statistics.
  • Export/Import
  • Systematically replace references.
    • Users can define arbitrary ref replacers.
    • Necessities of Morrowind: replace statics and bottles.
    • Morrowind Comes Alive: replace placeholders with MCA spawn points.

Savegame Management

  • Load Masters (Set load list to savegame's master list.)
  • Rename, backup, duplicate, snapshot, hide/unhide saves.
  • Sort saves by: Name, Date, Size, Player Name, Cell.
  • Edit Masters List
    • Sync to changes in the load list.
    • Upgrade to a newer version of a mod.
  • Review
    • Journal
    • Map Notes
    • File statistics.
  • Remove/Reset
    • Creatures spawn points.
    • Bethesda creatures, doors, containers.
    • User defined lists of objects.

Savegame Repair

  • Repair All
    • Repair mismatched references.
    • Remove orphan contents.
    • Remove debris records.


  • Although these images display the latest build (2012.01.05-dev), all three versions look the same and offer the same management and repair functions for installers, mods and savegames as described above.