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Modders leave the community, move their home pages, move their download sites. The purpose of this page is to help you locate them or determine what's happened to them if you can't find them at their usual place. Note that some modders have "dead man permissions" on their mods -- e.g., they restrict distribution of their mods unless they've been AWOL for a given period. It's hoped that this page can be used to help determine when that happens.

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See also: RedwoodTreeSprite's Modder Usage Okays

Modder Status Contact Web Mods
Abot Active Elder Scrolls Forums [1] Whereareallbirdsgoing, waterlife, siltstriders, boats, real lava and steam, gondoliers; and more.
Adul Semi-Active adul at Adul's Arsenal, Arcane Armature, Clocks & Watches, Suran Dwelling, etc.
Baratheon79 Active baratheon79 at rpgmods com Baratheon79 Rethan Expansion, Wayfarer's Rest, house mods, various companion mods, etc.
Bryss Phoenix Active bryss.phoenix at gmail com N/A Bob's Armory Icons, Bob's Armory Wardrobe, Phoenix Doppelganger, Portable Hole, Transaltillus Beast & Common Shop, The Uber Crystal Egg Hunt, Visceral Discernment
Emma Active Emma at lovkullen net Emma Thief Companion Constance, Children of Morrowind, White Wolf of Lokken, Laura Craft Romance, Various face-packs, etc.
Enmesharra Active enmesharra at googlemail com Enmesharra's Refuge Enmesharra's Refuge, Try on Clothing Resource, Mournhold Sewer Fix, Tribunal Quest fix
Fliggerty Active Codye76 at hotmail com Fliggerty's Morrowind Mods Blasphemous Revenants, Vvardenfell Druglord, Dirty Deeds, Detect Owner, Disarming Zero, Universal Companion Share, and a whole host of others listed at his site.
Grumpy Deceased 6/17/2005 c/o Emma (grumpymods at lovkullen net) Emma Thief Companion Constance, Grumpy's Packguar, Companion Beryl, Companion Hurd, NPC Schedules, Companion Project, etc.
Hrnchamd Active Elder Scrolls Forums Morrowind Code Patch, MGE XE, multiple UI/interface mods.
JOG Semi-Active (at) JOG's Morrowind Corner Haldenshore, Havish, Booty Island
Kalesky Semi-Active thijs.voets (at) [2] Haven, Smugglers Paradise
ManaUser Semi-Active paul (at) ManaUser's Morrowind Mods Graphic Herbalism, Chalk, Mannequins for Sale, Improved Gold Weight, Mini Mods collection, etc.
MentalElf Semi-Active blankensb001 (at) MentalElf's Morrowind Mods & Tools The Trouble With Milie, Horror Mod, Search for Arcane Guard Armor, Mannequins, Familiar Grimlok, Tolarn Companion
peachykeen Active pk_peachykeen (at) [3] Censored Better Bodies, RBG Cursors, Explosives Expanded
Redguard_Slayer Active redguard.slayer at Slayers Sanctum Phurba Dagger, Assassins Leather, Sword of Kings, Demon Slayer Sword, Ephesus Belly Dancers Outfit, Ultra Light Armor
Slartibartfast Active Elder Scrolls Forums [4] Multiple Texture Fixes; and more.
Silaria Hiatus 2/27/2005 ?? Rethan Manor Sils Clothing Vendor, Sils UCM Shirts, Robe of Light, UCM Skirts, Ultimate Kilts, Sils Long Hair, Better Heads - Argonians, Argonians Heads and Hair, etc.
Yacoby Active Elder Scrolls Forums [5] Wrye Mash Fork, multiple UI/interface mods, Blue Plate Mail; and more.
Wrye Semi-Active Elder Scrolls Forums Wrye Musings Wrye World, Wrye Patches, Less Lore, LCV, LCV Wolverine Hall, LGNPC Khuul, LGNPC Seyda Neen, NOM, Wrye NOM, Wrye Mash, Wrye Bash, Rational Names