Morrowind:Quests in Sadrith Mora

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A list of all related Quests in Sadrith Mora.

Related Quests

Main Quest

Aundae Clan

  • Blood Ties: Find out what happened to the Ancient's son after she became a vampire.

Fighters Guild

House Hlaalu

House Redoran

House Telvanni

Imperial Cult

Mages Guild

Morag Tong

Thieves Guild

  • Brallion's Ring: Give a girl a stolen ring.
  • Hrundi's Lover: Persuade Hrundi in Sadrith Mora's Fighters Guild to join the Thieves Guild against the Camonna Tong.
  • Potion Recipe: Help the local Mages Guild with their alchemy.



  • Gateway Ghost: Solve the case of this haunted inn in Sadrith Mora.