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Type Ruin
Realm Oblivion
Plane Shivering Isles
Region Dementia
Appears in The Shivering Isles
Xedilian at the end of the Third Era

Xedilian was a ruined facility in the Shivering Isles at the end of the Third Era. The facility once served as a way to keep unwanted visitors out of the Isles. The facility was powered by the Resonator of Judgement, a converted obelisk of Order, which enticed adventurers to enter. Once there, they were either killed or driven mad, the former being favored by the denizens of Dementia and the latter by the residents of Mania. Those who were driven mad were given a permanent place in the Isles. The ruins were made up of three main sections: the Chamber of Conversion, the Chamber of Avarice, and the Chamber of Anathema. The caretaker of the dungeon is Kiliban Nyrandil.

After the construction of the Gatekeeper of the Fringe, the facility fell into disuse. Only a few years afterwards, a tribe of grummites moved in. When the Gatekeeper was slain in 3E 433, Xedilian was put back into operation by Sheogorath's Champion. It served to thwart the many Tamrielic adventurers entering the realm from the newly-opened portal in Niben Bay, but was not enough to combat the forces of Order during the final Greymarch.

The Chambers of Xedilian

The Resonator of Judgement

There are three main chambers of Xedilian: Conversion, Avarice, and Anathema. The first, the Chamber of Conversion (also called the Chamber of the Gnarl) starts with the adventurers being met by a harmless Gnarl. From here, there are two choices: the Demented option is to summon a horde of Gnarls to attack the adventurers, a lethal option. The section option is the Manic one: the Gnarl appears to grow in size, becoming twice as large as the adventurers. Said adventurers then become convinced that the Gnarl means to kill them, when in fact it is still totally harmless.

The second chamber, Avarice, has the adventurers coming face to face with a cage full of riches. The Demented option is to trigger a lethal fire trap to hit one of the adventurers. The Manic option is to drop tons of keys into the chamber; the adventurers will search frantically for the right key, even though none of them fit the lock.

The third and final chamber, Anathema, has the remaining adventurers facing a room full of corpses, the walls and floors strewn with blood. The Demented option here is to raise the corpses and have them attack the adventurers. The Manic option is to have the adventurers believe they have died, create the illusion of their souls rising from their bodies, and then returning them to reality.

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