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The Vereansu Tribe is an Ashlander tribe that lives in the Deshaan region of mainland Morrowind.

In 2E 582, the Vereansu led an attack on the Temple monastery at Muth Gnaar. The monastery held the Tear of Saint Veloth, an artifact sacred to House Dunmer and Ashlanders alike. The healers at the monastery were using the Tear to suppress the effects of the Llodos Plague, which was spreading across Deshaan. The Vereansu, in their fear of the plague, viewed the Tear's use as defilement and sought to cleanse the monastery with flame. They captured the afflicted and many of the priests who tended them, and locked them within burning buildings to perish. Without the Tear's protection however, many of the afflicted transformed into Plague Husks and attacked the tribe. Amid the chaos, fleeing priests called for aid from the roadside, and were successfully able to rescue several people from the monastery. The Vereansu wise woman was killed while attempting to destroy the Tear, and the tribe was eventually driven off with the death of its ashkhan.[1]

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