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Emperor Tarish-Zi
Raça Yokudan Gênero Male
Nascimento 1st Era
Morte 1st Era
Residência Yokuda
Aparece em ESO

Emperor Tarish-Zi was a Yokudan leader of the Ra Gada circa 1E 808[1] and a member of the Na-Totambu. The self-proclaimed emperor led the Anka-Ra, one of the most fearsome of the warrior bands renowned for their mastery of the sword. Tarish-Zi was known for his ruthlessness, and the Anka-Ra cut a bloody swath across Hammerfell and all the way into Craglorn in their hunger to claim a new home.[2][3]

They left few survivors, and have been blamed for the annihilation of the Nedes of Eastern Hammerfell, whose culture was already fading by the time of the Ra Gada's arrival.[4][5] Tarish-Zi was responsible for the destruction of the abandoned Nedic city of Reinhold's Retreat, which he ordered to be buried beneath the earth after he failed to find the treasure said to be stored within the ruins. He and his Anka-Ra ultimately settled in Craglorn, where they were eventually buried.[6] Even in death, the Anka-Ra's spirits were bound to Tarish-Zi through an oath of eternal loyalty.[7]

This eternal loyalty was exploited in 2E 582, when the constellations fell from the skies above Craglorn and took on mortal form as Celestials. The Warrior was one such Celestial, and he used his divine powers to call forth great warriors of the past. However, he did so at the command of the Serpent who had corrupted him, and so he summoned Tarish-Zi and the Anka-Ra forward in time. Under the Serpent's control, the Anka-Ra rose from their burial tombs as sand warriors and began amassing an army in order to siege Craglorn.[7]

Along with the Anka-Ra, a Nedic warrior named Titus Valerius was cast forward in time. This was done by the Warrior before his corruption, so that Valerius could act as his champion. Valerius was a subject of Tarish-Zi in life, but owed him no loyalty and as such could act autonomously, outside of the Serpent's influence. While the Star Gazers attempted to halt the summoning of more Anka-Ra under the instructions of the Thief, Valerius was aided by the Soulless One in locating and entering Tarish-Zi's tomb in southern Craglorn. Tarish-Zi was then defeated and the Warrior was later saved from the Serpent's corruption, ending the Anka-Ra threat.[7]


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