Lore:Relmyna Verenim

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Relmyna Verenim
SI-npc-Relmyna Verenim.jpg
Relmyna Verenim at the end of the Third Era
Raça Dunmer Gênero Female
Residência Shivering Isles
Aparece em The Shivering Isles

Relmyna Verenim was a Dunmer resident of the Shivering Isles at the end of the Third Era. She was originally from Tamriel, which is where she discovered the so-called "Sixth Element": Flesh. She was expelled from the Mages Guild due to the extreme nature of her experiments. Sheogorath invited her to his Realm, where she could continue her research free of scrutiny. Because of this, she developed a passionate—and obsessive—love for the Daedric Prince.

Relmyna was responsible for creating the first Gatekeeper. After many failed attempts she accomplished this by using the magical ingredients of the Gardens of Flesh and Bone to give life to several enchanted body parts stitched together to form a body. Using Sheogorath's divine madness as the seed, Relmyna birthed the creature. Her tears and the bones of a previous Gatekeeper were used to slay the creature in 3E 433.

After the death of her "child", Relmyna and her apprentice Nanette Don retired to her home, the ruins of Xaselm. There she resumed her study on the nature of Pain. Later that year, the Fringe was invaded by the Forces of Order. Sheogorath's Champion was sent to help Relmyna construct another Gatekeeper. The sorceress was hesitant at first due to the Champion's direct involvement with the death of the original. Relmyna and the Champion created the new Gatekeeper using a Daedric binding ritual, which helped to contain the Order which had taken over the Fringe.

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