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King Gothryd
Raça Breton Gênero Male
Nascimento 3E 381
Reinado 3E 403-
Residência Daggerfall
Aparece em Daggerfall
Ficheiro:DF-Gothryd Face.png
King Gothryd of Daggerfall
At the court of Castle Daggerfall

King Gothryd was born in 3E 381 to King Lysandus and Queen Mynisera, rulers of Daggerfall. He was married to Princess Aubk-i of Sentinel and became the new King of Daggerfall after the death of his father in 3E 403. Gothryd was not as loyal to the empire as Lysandus had been.[1] The accounts of the War of Betony by Newgate and Fav'te paint drastically different pictures of Gothryd's actions during the Battle of Cryngaine Field and his relationship with Aubk-i.


  • Corpse Preparation v I mentioned rumors that King Gothryd could institute the Imperial practice of donating the corpses of criminals for Necromantic study as a deterrent to bandits and pirates.

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