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Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province High Rock
Appears in Arena, Daggerfall
Ficheiro:DF-Map-Iliac Bay.jpg
The area in which Glenpoint was found

Glenpoint was an inland march of southwestern High Rock. It existed in the late Third Era[1], as well as in the early First Era.[2] It was surrounded by five other provinces: Daggerfall to the south and east, Tulune to the southwest, Glenumbra Moors to the west, Northmoor to the northwest, and the Ilessan Hills to the northeast.[3] The Royal Family of Glenpoint was protected by the Knights of the Owl. The capital city was the city of Glenpoint. The dominant vampire bloodline was Vraseth, and the regional deity was Zenithar.[1]

The province reached the apex of its power in 1E 609, at which point it was defeated by King Thagore of Daggerfall, making Daggerfall the preeminent power in the region - a position it has held ever since.[2] In the Third Era, Empress Kintyra Septim II was tricked into leading an Imperial Army to Glenpoint, where she was abducted and eventually murdered (allegedly with the help of the Duke of Glenpoint).[4][5] The exact year she was abducted and killed is debated[6], but the people of Glenpoint, along with those of Glenumbra Moors, instigated an enormous manhunt for her killers in an event still remembered every Frost Fall during the Broken Diamonds holiday.[7] During the Warp in the West, this region became a part of the kingdom of Daggerfall.[8]

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