Lore:Auberon Flyte

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Lord Auberon Flyte
Lord Auberon Flyte as seen in Daggerfall
Raça Breton Gênero Male
Reinado 3E 403-
Antecessor Graddock
Residência Anticlere
Aparece em Daggerfall

Lord Auberon Flyte and his wife Doryanna were the rulers of Anticlere, a region in the Iliac Bay, formerly known as Reich Gradkeep. They were the leaders of Anticlere's knightly order, the Knights of the Flame.

They became regents of Reich Gradkeep following the slaughter of the previous ruler, Lord Graddock, and most of his family during the War of Betony. Of the previous ruling family, only one sickly infant survived. Lord and Lady Flyte ruled in regency until the infant's death. Lord Flyte's strong, almost dictatorial style was just what Reich Gradkeep needed to restore order after the bloodbath caused by the Treaty of Reich Gradkeep. After the infant's death, Lord Flyte and his wife were elevated from regents to rulers by their subjects. They also agreed to rename the region in his honor; thus, Reich Gradkeep became Anticlere, named after Lord Flyte's ancestral home.[1][2]

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