Dragonborn:Morwen's House

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Morwen's House
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# of Zones 1
Respawn Time 10 days
Console Location Code(s)
Skaal Village
Morwen's House

Morwen's House is the home of Morwen in Skaal Village. The player can choose to move into the home if they have married Morwen.

It is situated to the left of the greathall.

NPCs Living Here



There is one entrance that faces onto the central square. Outside the entrance, to the left is a bench and around the side of the house to the west are two fish barrels and an archery target. Further around is a practice dummy, to the left is a firewood pile. against the east side of the house is a bench, crate and fish barrel.

Morwen's House

Through the door you enter into a two room home. There is a small area on your left with a dresser against the east wall. On the dresser is a steel horned helmet, a pair of steel nordic gauntlets, and a wooden plate with a silver jeweled necklace on top of it. To the right in the southeast corner is a chair. There is an open crate with a long bow resting in it and a basket with a quiver of steel arrows to the right. There is a shield plaque with a banded iron shield and two crossed iron greatswords on the west wall of this small area.

House Proud

To the right of the door against the east wall is a set of shelves containing Banded iron armor, a steel mace, a steel plate helmet, a large coin purse and a goat hide. to the left against the north wall is a narrow table with a bottle of ale. To the left of this still against the north wall are two shelves, on the shelves is an unlocked strongbox, a bottle of wine, a green apple, a bottle of ale, copies of Beggar Prince and Mixed Unit Tactics, a horker tusk and two sacks. Beside the shelves, on the left is a chair, a barrel with a mead barrel on top and a cupboard with three bottles of alto wine, a gourd, a red apple and a wooden bowl containing an ash yam on the shelves. On a ledge against the west wall are three sacks.

Very House Proud

In the center of the room is a fire pit with a woodcutter's axe, a piece of firewood, a salt pile, a cast iron pot containing a baked potato and two clam meats around it. and hanging above in front of the door are a rabbit and elves ear sample. There is a low railing between the door and the fire pit. Between the fire pit and the west wall is an open crate containing a cabbage and two fillets of horker meat. three small steps lead to the southern part of the house.

Table for one?

There is a long table against the southern wall that separates the bedroom from the rest of the house. On the table is a mead barrel, three loaves of bread, an eidar cheese wedge, a green apple and a plate containing a salmon steak. There is a shelf on the west wall above the table with a bottle of wine on it. and hanging above the table is a rack with two salmon and a rabbit. To the left of the table, on the floor is a bucket containing five bottles of ale. To the right of the fire pit against the east wall is a row of three weapon racks with a nordic bow and an iron sword. A sack is to the right of it and a bucket containing a quiver of nordic arrows is to the left.

There is a doorway to the left of the table that leads to a small bedroom. On your left as you enter is a adept locked display cabinet containing a glass war axe. There is a shelf underneath with a mead barrel and an eidar cheese wheel. To the right are two barrels, a sack a in the corner a practice dummy. Half way along the south wall is an open crate with nine iron daggers, with three more on the floor next to it. In the southwestern corner is a chair. opposite against the wall that separates the bedroom from the rest of the house is a single bed with a shelf above it containing a copy of Troll Slaying and Finally at the end of the bed is an unlocked chest.