Daggerfall:The Imprisoned Witch

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Free and rescue an imprisoned witch.
Location(s): Any beldam of a witch coven
Reward: None
Reputation Gain: Reputation Gain/Loss
ID: q0c00y07
Required Reputation: Any
Difficulty: Hard

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Talk to the Beldam of a witch coven.
  2. Head to the dungeon the Beldam points you to.
  3. Find the imprisoned witch and give her the clothes.
  4. Escort her back to the Beldam.
  5. Be sure to follow the time limit.

Detailed Walkthrough

Quest Offer

Questgiver says:

Our sister (witch' name) has been in imprisoned. We need someone like thee to rescue her. Art thou willing?

Quest Acceptance

Questgiver goes on:

If thou does this for us, we will be very grateful indeed. Give her these clothes to disguise her when you find her in (dungeon). We will expect both of you back here in (time limit) days if not sooner.

Quest Decline

Questgiver answers:

Thou hast a heart of ice, (player's first name). For shame.

Quest Object

Yet again a standard dungeon crawl, find the imprisoned witch and give her the clothes.

When she receivers them she will say:

(witch coven) sent you? Praise (Daedra Prince)! I'll put on the (quest clothes) and we can slip out of here.

After you freed her, the guards will yell: It's (witch' name), the prisoner! Stop! Witch! and will engage in pursuit.

If they mange to catch you, they will naturally try to kill both of you between shouting:

Halt! You're (witch' name)! No more prison for you, (witch' name)! Straight to execution this time!

Escort the witch back to the Beldam after you escaped from the dungeon.

Quest End

After seeing the rescued witch, the Beldam says delighted:

(witch' name), it does my heart good to see thee here and well. (player's first name), you have today earned the respect of (witch coven).

Reputation Gain/Loss

A successfully completed quest results in a reputation gain according to the table below.

Faction/Person Reputation Gain
Witch Coven +5

A failed quest (time limit expired) results in a reputation loss according to the table below.

Faction/Person Reputation Gain
Witch Coven -2


  • Random dungeon monsters
  • 30x One Warrior every two in-game minutes (50% chance) once you have freed the witch