Daggerfall:Former Student Part III

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Help the renegade mage in his endeavors to find a lost magical item.
Quest Giver:
Location(s): Any
Prerequisite Quest: Former Student Part II
Reward: Random magical items and random Gold
Reputation Gain: see Reputation Gain/Loss
ID: S0000503
Difficulty: Hard

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Wait for 62 to 97 days, if you met with the atronach in the previous quest.
  2. Receive a summon once again via a trained raven.
  3. Meet Baltham Greyman in the town and in the tavern mentioned by the raven.
  4. Choose whether you want to help him or not.
  5. If you accept his offer, travel with him to the town he mentioned.
  6. Enter the Mages Guild there, steal the map, and exit the guildhall.
  7. Choose whether you want to get the magical key yourself or let Baltham Greyman do this task.
  8. If you want to retrieve the magical key yourself, travel to the dungeon where it is located and find it.
  9. Meet Baltham Greyman in the tavern where you previously met him, about six days after you stole the dungeon map from the Mages Guild.
  10. Read (use) the stolen dungeon map with the magical key in your inventory.
  11. Travel with Baltham Greyman to the dungeon which houses the magical item he seeks.
  12. Find a battlemage within this dungeon and kill him/her.
  13. Collect the magical items, the gold, and the other loot from the battlemage's corpse.
  14. Exit the dungeon.
  15. Choose whether you want to give Baltham Greyman the magical item he wants.
  16. If you want to keep the magical item, defend yourself against Baltham Greyman and kill him.
  17. Be sure to follow the various time limits.

Detailed Walkthrough

Quest Offer

A trained raven will croak the following words, while flying over your head:

No time! No time! (tavern), (town)!

Quest Object

Ficheiro:DF-Mage Map.png
The dungeon map

If you want to embark on this adventure, travel to the town mentioned by the raven. The town will be in the region where you got the very first quest from the questgiver of the Mages Guild. Enter the tavern mentioned by the raven and talk to Baltham Greyman. He will say:

It was good of you to come. I have a new project that I think you might be interested in. It will involve a little raid on our friends at the Mages Guild, however. What do you say?

If you accept his offer, he will continue:

I knew you couldn't resist! Here's the plan. For some time now, I have been searching for the location of (magical item's dungeon), reputedly the resting place of a hoard of magical objects, including one (magical item) that I need for my own purposes -- another story for another time. The issue at hand is that I have learned that the Mages Guild of (Mages Guild's town) has come into possession of a map to (magical item's dungeon). I still have a few friends in the Guild, despite the official ban against me. The Guild has no idea what they have, so it is up to us to liberate the map so that it can be used to its full potential.

Travel with him to the town where the Mages Guild is located and enter the guildhall during the opening hours. Find the dungeon map within and grab it. As soon as it is in your possession some mages will show up to stop you from leaving. Take care of them and exit the guildhall. Once you are outside Baltham Greyman says:

I think it would be best to separate for the time being, to let this hornet's nest calm down a bit. I have one more matter to attend to before we can enter (magical item's dungeon) ... unless you would like to handle it for me?

Ficheiro:DF-Mage Holy Dagger.png
The magical key, in this case a Holy dagger

Choose whether you want to handle this matter yourself, namely retrieving the magical key needed to enter the dungeon housing the magical item, or let Baltham Greyman do this task. You will not get anything if you do the task yourself; the only reason to do it is if you feel like doing some dungeon crawling. If you want to get the key, travel to the dungeon where it is located and find it within. The "magical" key will be a miscellaneous non-magical item; you will get a notification when you pick it up.

Meet Baltham Greyman in the same tavern where you first met him at the start of this quest. Show up at the tavern six days after you got the dungeon map from the Mages Guild. Talk to him and he will accompany you once again on the quest to find the magical item. Read (use) the stolen dungeon map with the magical key in your inventory and the location of the dungeon will be marked on your map. Travel to this dungeon and enter it. Find a battlemage within and take care of him/her. When you hit him/her for the first time he will shout:

You are too late, (Baltham Greyman)! It was a simple matter to follow you to (current dungeon), once you had found the (magical key) for me. The (magical item) is now mine, and mine alone!

Once the battlemage is dead, loot the battlemage's corpse to collect the magical item sought by Baltham Greyman, along with two other magical items, a random amount of gold, and the remaining loot. Exit the dungeon, at which point Baltham Greyman asks you to give him the magical item. He will say:

Well, friend (player's first name), an enjoyable little jaunt eh? I'll take the (magical item) and be on my way.

If you refuse, he will be very disappointed by your greed and will try to kill you. Defend yourself and kill him instead. If, instead, you give him the magical item he will thank you and bid his farewell for good.

Quest End

If you gave Baltham Greyman the magical item he wants, he will bid his farewell by saying:

Until next time!

If you didn't give him the magical item, he will say angrily before attacking you:

So, your true colors at last. I only asked for one small thing, yet your greed apparently knows no bounds.

Reputation Gain/Loss

If you steal the dungeon map, you will lose reputation with the Fighters Guild according to the table below.

Faction/Person Reputation Gain
Fighters Guild -15
Fighter Questers -8
Associated factions -8

Regardless of its outcome, this quest will not provide you any additional reputation gain or loss.


  • Random dungeon monsters
  • Three Mages as soon as you pick up the dungeon map
  • Quest Target: One Battlemage
  • One Mage if you don't give Baltham Greyman the magical item


  • This quest is only available with the CompUSA Special Edition Patch.
  • The time limits for meeting Baltham Greyman the first time, for stealing the dungeon map, or for reaching the dungeon where the magical item is located depend on your travel speed.
  • This is the last chapter of this multi-part quest. You can do this multi-part quest as often as you can get it from a questgiver of the Mages Guild.

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