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Just to let you know, I've gone through the Sidebar and eliminated the customized English text from the UI, replacing it with Portuguese if a translation didn't already exist. You should probably review my changes, since my translations were cobbled together from Google/Bing translate, the Portuguese Wikipedia, and my rather tenuous grasp of Portuguese grammar that I'm mostly guessing at from my knowledge of English and French. :) Most of the translations are built in to MediaWiki, but for those that aren't, you can find them at MediaWiki:Sidebar, which I believe you should be able to edit. If you can't, let me know...I've noticed a few oddities like your edits needing patrolling, despite the fact that they should be autopatrolled. Anything that's not found there and is still in English or has a bad Portuguese translation should be somewhere in the AllMessages page.

For the time being, I've left page names unchanged, since there's no point me moving a page to what might be the wrong name and then you just having to move it again, especially when I can't do any significant translation. I also left game names unchanged, since most of them probably don't need translation anyway, and I wasn't clear on whether things like "Legends" should be translated. Robin Hood  (talk) 21h28min de 9 de abril de 2016 (UTC)

Thank You, Rob. I reviewed your translations, almost everything was fine. And yeah, don't translate the game names, neither "Lore". Feel free to help with that kind of thing, i'm gonna review it whenever possible. And one more thing, do you think is possible to block every non-registered user to edit the pages? I will share this to the BR public in the next week, and we are in a "beta" phase, so i think it would be better that way, just for now. --Jörmungandr (discussão) 16h13min de 11 de abril de 2016 (UTC)
It looks like Dave already did that at some point, so you should be good to go. Also, now that you've responded on your user page, I can see that your edit was autopatrolled here, so I'm pretty sure I know what the problem is. I'll see if I can fix it, but I might need to ask Dave to. One way or another, your edits should be autopatrolled shortly. (Update: this should be done now. All edits you make in the future should be patrolled automatically.) Robin Hood  (talk) 21h17min de 11 de abril de 2016 (UTC)
On a related note, did you want title caps (first letter of each word or each important word) for the various names and links in the sidebar or first-letter only. Not sure what's commonly used in Brazilian Portuguese, as I know some languages never use title caps. I'm only asking because I notice you changed "Como Contribuir" but not the others. Robin Hood  (talk) 21h43min de 11 de abril de 2016 (UTC)
Yeah, we do use title caps. I'm gonna fix it, thanks for remembering me. --Jörmungandr (discussão) 16h18min de 12 de abril de 2016 (UTC)
So, i did some of them, but i don't know how to edit the recent changes, the main page, the random page, the portal and the Toolbox.
Yeah, those are a little more indirect. What you have to do is look on the Sidebar page, and you'll see it gives links like recentchanges-url|recentchanges. Those ones get looked up in MediaWiki space, so in this case, the link would be at MediaWiki:recentchanges-url while the text is at MediaWiki:recentchanges. You can change those to be whatever you need. They work a little bit differently than normal wiki pages, though, in that even when there's no page at all, there will be a default value shown on the page. That's taken from behind-the-scenes PHP code, but you're then free to modify it. If you've modified and want to revert to the original value, you can delete the page. There's also a full listing of customized/customizable messages at Especial:Todas as mensagens. (You can also use the global "canonical" name for it: Special:AllMessages, which automatically redirects to the language-appropriate page on any wiki...otherwise I'd never find anything here. :P)