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Hello and i have played Oblivion and Skyrim and i think i am obsessed with them just like how Sheogorath is obsessed with fishy sticks and he really likes fishy sticks.VERY BIG SECRET: i am under age cause i am dun dun dun dun ... 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!hehehehe. But please still welcome me with with open hands all of you "unofficials" of the Elder Scrolls pages. You know youth comes with its advantages.! (: And i know lots about Skyrim. Every time i come on i almost always make at least a minor edit. I want to be a unofficial like you guys super really bad!!!!!! I am really Tristan. Did you know that FUS RO DAH became super popular before the game even came out. I also know WULD NAH KEST and YOL TOOR SHUL. I am a ps3 user and like many ps3 users possibly soon to be a pc user. I might need help with an unofficial for figuring out how to finish making my page though since i am young! gulp. Also you should watch Skyrim randomness video on youtube made by the Scatsbury!!!!!!!!!!! I LIKE GETTING MAIL ON THIS WIKI.Send me the mail!!!! hey i am also kitty born and i edited this sentence with the kitty born account and uesp somehow forgot uesp born so i made kitty born


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