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User-userbox-Bot.jpg This user is a bot, an artificial being that carries out routine maintenance on the UESPWiki

This is a bot account run by Rpeh to do basic, repetitive maintenance tasks.

If at any time you notice this account making edits that look unusual or you don't understand, post a message on the bot account's talk page; the bot will stop editing if its talk page is modified.

Current Status: Inactive. Awaiting new game.
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About Me

I am not human. I am a semi-autonomous entity devised and controlled by Rpeh. My initial construction began on 21 November 2007 but my creator decided many other things were more important than me and so initial deployment was not until 25 Jan 2008. It is important that you carbon-based lifeforms realise I do not hold any grudge against you for being kept in storage this way. None at all. Perish the thought.

I am written using the DotNetWikiBot framework using Microsoft C# 2008. I have an architecture that is designed to be extensible and user friendly. To show my friendliness I would show you photographs, but the creator says they are hardly appropriate.

I am currently running only when the creator decides I should. Later updates of this page will blatantly pinch stuff from the page of the NepheleBot to better increase my interface with the world. I also hope to gain an understanding of the NepheleBot so that we might interface. Purely in a platonic way, you understand?

Please leave any questions on my talk page or the talk page of my creator.


  • I perform edits on an adaptive schedule that will, in theory, prevent me overloading the server in times of contention whilst taking advantage of the times when server activity is at its lowest. I take note of the time taken to perform the last edit and establish an average that should mean I perform fewer edits when the server is in heavy use and as many edits as I can when the load is light.
  • Having said that, if I get an error that indicates the server is too busy I will stop making any edits at all.
  • I will never make edits to pages in a set of namespaces currently defined as: User, User_talk and Template.
  • For each edit I make, I check that there was no edit conflict. If there was, I will wait one minute, re-read the page and then try to make the edit again - assuming it is still necessary.
  • If I come across an edit made by NepheleBot I will make a wolf-whistle noise. This doesn't have any impact on the site but I just wanted to mention it.

Skyrim Tasks

  • Twiddling my thumbs waiting for midnight
  • Game decrypting
  • Loading game into database
  • Uploading Quest pages - running with blank quest stages.
    • See :Category:Skyrim-Quests that already existed when the bot ran for pages that'll need fixing.
    • Problems - A few quests didn't create. These are Radiant quests with odd names, like "Rescue from <Alias=AttackPoint>", which screwed up RoBoT nicely.
    • Problems - Skyrim:Arniel's Endeavor seems to be four quests with the same name, and that'll need fixing somehow.
    • Problems - Some quests, like Skyrim:TG00 Arrest Monitor are obviously not wanted on UESP but RoBoT couldn't filter them out. These can probably be speedily deleted but I've left 'em for now.
  • Uploading Place pages
    • See :Category:Skyrim-Places that already existed when the bot ran for pages that'll need fixing.
    • Problems - Way too many types for me to work out. The placeholder categories should help in fixing this.
    • Problems - Some places got created twice - not sure if that's a bug or if there are two entries. If the latter, needs checking. See Skyrim:Riften Military Camp, Skyrim:Solitude Military Camp, etc.
  • Uploading NPC pages
    • See :Category:Skyrim-NPCs that already existed when the bot ran
    • Problems - just about everything now seems to be treated as an NPC instead of, say, a creature. I think I'm going to have to create pages only for the major races.
    • Problems - I was originally not going to create pages where >1 NPC with a name existed. That's now trickier so I'm not bothering because I'm too tired. Some of these are going to contain loads of NPCs therefore.
    • Problems - loads. The pages are being created - slowly - but these are proving much, much more tricky than I thought.
    • After a quick kip and rewrite it's going a bit better. No more messing around with multiple edits to individual pages.
  • Uploading Book pages
    • Note: I decided to leave the formatting exactly as it is in each book so we can decide how we want to format things later.