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My real name, obviously, is not Palos, or Paul for that matter, but call me Palos anyways. I'm a college student; I immensely enjoy writing (English major), punk music, fantasy stories, and RPGs. I also have a life outside the wiki, although I spend a lot of time on here. I'm an accomplished gamer, knowledgeable Morrowinder, beginner Oblivioner, and currently learning the surreal world of HTML and syntax. Haha I'm #99 on the active users page- not bad I guess.

If you have questions about Morrowind GOTY, I can help. If you have editing or Oblivion questions, talk to the mentors. Thanks to rpeh, Nephele, and Eshe, for putting up with me and getting me started on the wiki ;)

Wiki Work

Current Projects

  • Cleaning up the Morrowind Imperial Legion Quests
  • Learning Wiki Syntax
  • Dabbling here and there in the Oblivion pages

Future Projects

  • Go through all people and places involving the Morrowind Imperial Legion and correct, add, and began where needed
  • Reorganize all Morrowind quests needing cleanup

My Morrowind Characters

Palos: Born to a humble family in the impoverished province of Hammerfell, the Redguard, Palos, had a very difficult childhood. He was the son of a poor armorer who couldn't pay the local taxes and was imprisoned by a census and excise agent. In his teen years he ran errands for highwayman guilds to support his family. After his family was murdered by a rival guild, he sought revenge. He soon found himself in the dark and filthy Imperial Dungeon, but at least there he had safety that home never provided. But conditions grew worse, and he was hardly fed; he lost all hope. After seven and a half years of bare survival and worthlessness, he was visited by an old mage from Bravil. The mage discovered that Palos was born under the sign of the mage, and taught him the basics of magicka. He also told him, for the first time, the story of the Nine Divines. Palos was a changed man. Four months later, he was placed on board a ship in route for the Vvardenfell District of Morrowind...

He didn't know what to expect on Vvardenfell, and was indeed faced with many great surprises. He became a knight and began his journey to greatness. He had many chances for good and many chances for evil, but he never forgot that mage in Cyrodill, and he chose the path of a hero. He became the Knight of the Imperial Dragon of Vardenfell, and became Nerevar and hero of its people. But he could never shrug some of his old habits, and is to this day still prone to killing and stealing when necessary. Because of his humble beginnings, he favors mistreated and discriminated races like Argonians and Khajits, and frees slaves whenever he can. He has a hatred for Bosmer and Altmer, because of their prideful nature, and also Ordinators, for their extreme racism. He continues to roam the great province of Morrowind, gaining great wealth, and hoping to return to his homeland someday.

Level:34 Hours:150+

Drayo Zarine: Born into a noble Breton family, Drayo was trained in the arts of magicka and speechcraft. He was falsely accused of murder by his own brother, however, and sent to the Imperial prison. He was soon released and sent to Morrowind, but his hatred towards his brother drove him into the darker realms of magicka. Developing a bitter, merciless view towards life, he chose the path of a sorcerer and joined the Great House Telvanni. He is now running simple errands for the wizard's mouths, and practicing his destructive magicka on weak creatures. He is determined to become a great wizard someday, and have his own great tower, so he can enact his revenge. Although such a goal seems impossible at this point.

Level:1 Hours:4

My Oblivion Characters

Tevarin Dralor: This Dunmer farm boy had an uneventful childhood. He grew up on a plantation in the Ascadian Isles, with his father Bolvyn and his younger brother Aras. His father was the armorer for the aristocrat in charge, and he taught his sons much about the tools of war. When he came of age, Tevarin said goodbye and left for the Imperial province of Cyrodiil to make a name for himself. Skilled with armor and the blade, Tevarin was welcomed into the local fighters guild. As a guideline of the guild he is an upstanding citizen and frowns on the theives and Necromancers that plague his new home. Rising quickly in the guild, his future looked promising until he was asked to acquire 5 samples of ectoplasm. He was unable to obtain all of these samples, and wanders still to this day searching for his objective.

Level:3 Hours:9

Aras Dralor: The younger of the Dralor brothers, Aras grew bitter from residing in his brothers shadow. As father favored Tevarin and trained him with metal, Aras wandered in the fields exploring the magical properties of plants. He learned the art of enchanting to take father's useless weapons and make them unique. When the weather prevented his exploration he would sneak through the plantation halls and steal priceless weapons and heirlooms from the greedy aristocrats that ruled him. He did, however, at his father's dying request, follow his brother to Cyrodiil. He immediately joined the mages guild there, sharing their passion for magicka- particularly destruction magic. He could not resist his old ways though, and was soon presented with a fascinating organization known as the Thieves Guild. Mastering the arts of destruction magic and stealth, Aras has done much better than his older brother and now finds himself enjoying the twisted realm of Sheogorath.

Level:20 Hours:75

Alsiran: Alsiran is one of the last surviving members of the Psijic Order. He followed the same beliefs and subjected himself to the same training as the great wizard Galerion. After much research on Galerion's great battle, he was determined that the King of Worms, Mannimarco, was still alive. As an Altmer, Alsiran was born in Summerset Isle and raised as a mage on Artaeum. Although he does not agree with the Mages Guild, he is not their enemy. He has, however, made enemies with many Necromancers. He spent many years hiding in Skyrim and increasing his powers, until he was able to detect the location of Mannimarco himself. He was in Cyrodiil. Alsiran has been left no choice but to do what Galerion could not, find and kill the king of the Necromancers. Alsiran is already a powerful mage, skilled in every type of magicka. He loathes the thought of man made weapons and armor, and is fascinated by the local flora and its magical properties. He still, however, awaits the day when he will confront Mannimarco.

Level:4 Hours:8