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  • "The Lady is gone...perhaps I can be of service to you?"
  • "The ashstorms are a nuisance, but it is as our Lady wishes."
  • "Our city is under attack! The Ordinators have been mobilized."
  • "Almalexia be praised, sera."
  • "Hmm...you again. You wish to be of further service to our Lady?"
  • "I understand you've spoken to Delitian about the attacks on the city. He is correct in having you investigate the disturbance, but you should bring any information you find to me. This is a Temple city, and this is a Temple matter. We will deal with it."
  • "Yes, this weather is odd, but trust in the Lady. All will be well."
  • "The city is under attack? Tell Hler! Alert the Ordinators! Protect the Temple!"
  • "Grace and mercy upon you, in Her Name, sera."
  • "Our Lady's blessings upon you, faithful servant."
  • "Your loyal service shall be rewarded."
  • "We are in your debt, sera."
  • "Thank you for helping us put our house in order, sera."
  • "Captain Delitian speaks well of you."
  • "Your reputation does you honor, sera."
  • "We are pleased to see you, sera."
  • "Welcome, sera."
  • "We are not glad to see you."
  • "The Nine and the Empire, citizen..."
  • "The King's health to you, sera."
  • "Long live the King."
  • "Yes? W-w-what? What do you w-w-want?"
  • "Oh, dear. Oh, m-m-my. Goddess protect me."
  • "What is it now? Must we go on?"
  • "Approach and be recognized, my good man/lady."
  • "Attacks on this city! Oh, would that I were a younger woman...."
  • "These are strange times, my friend. The people are frightened."
  • "Ahhh...my protector! It is good to see you again."
  • "The goddess is gone, yet you remain. You are a mystery, sera."
  • "I understand you've been to the Clockwork City, and you alone returned. You've consorted with gods, what can this Queen do for you?"
  • "Greetings %PCName. I've been wanting to speak with you. I understand you've been performing some duties for Tienius, and you've done well. I believe there are other matters you should investigate as well."

Pieces of the blade:

  • Barenziah:
  • "I understand you've been able to forge the Blade of Nerevar once again! I commend you, %PCName."


  • Helseth:
  • "Some of my informants have learned of a possible assassination plot against our royal person. I would like more information on this. However, I do not want to compromise the safety of my guards or of my informant. I believe, however, you would be suitable for this matter."
  • "Find out what you can."
  • "Yes...I expected you would find out as much. Other sources of mine indicate the same thing, and that the attempt will be made tomorrow night. Our mother must be protected at all costs, but I do not wish to tip my hand to these assassins. Here is how we will protect Barenziah."
  • "It must be stopped."
  • Barenziah:
  • "It seems that's been taken care of. Good work."
  • "Do what you must, my friend. I am not concerned."
  • "Someone try to kill me? Ridiculous! Certainly I've made my share of enemies in my life, but those times are long forgotten. I suppose someone might think to use me to get to my son, but with the way this palace is guarded, if someone could reach me, they could just as easily reach Helseth. The whole idea seems ludicrous to me. But, if someone wishes to try...I've forgotten more about defending myself than most will ever learn...."
  • "My son believes someone would try to assassinate him? It's possible, I suppose, but not likely to succeed. He's more well-guarded than the emperor himself. It's all a bit overdone, if you ask me. Still...someone could be up to something. I suggest you speak with an old friend of mine, Plitinius Mero."
  • "It seems you've taken care of that situation. I find the whole thing very odd, my friend. You should take care."
  • "A plot against Barenziah? That's ridiculous! I can't think of anyone who would want to harm her. Take care with this friend. King Helseth is a wary one, and delights in testing the loyalty of his new friends. I do not believe the King would hesitate to put his own mother in danger in order to do so."
  • "You're not speaking of the type of plot I'm used to, are you? Heleseth [sic] has told you of a plot against his throne? Odd. He's well protected, you know. I would suggest meeting his informant and seeing what he has to say. If you have any further questions, please come and speak with me. If the Queen Mother has sent you to me, she must feel you worthy. Good luck to you."


  • Fedris Hler: "They are the servants to our Lady Almalexia. When something must be done in her name, the Hands are her instruments. They are the strongest, most pious, and most loyal of all the Lady's followers."


  • Fedris Hler: "Frightening creatures. Possibly even more intelligent than their goblin handlers. You might hear them referred to as "sludgepuppies," but don't let that name fool you. They're strong, smart, and often well-trained creatures. The goblins use them on patrols to hunt down their victims."


  • Fedris Hler: "Miserable, horrid creatures. They're vile and viscious. They vary in size from smaller than a Bosmer to larger than a Nord. Some are mindless animals; others have learned the ways of magic. You'll often see them with trained Durzogs, another filthy creature."
  • Holmar: "Wha?"


  • Effe-Tei: "This new ruler, King Hlaalu Helseth, is trying to transform the role of King of Morrowind from a mere Imperial figurehead into a powerful, personalized head of state. Athyn Llethan, the previous king, was old and dignified, but few took him seriously. Helseth, by contrast, is dynamic and ambitious. Before Morrowind entered the Empire, the Dunmer had no kings, and many Dunmer prefer the old system of council rule, but Imperial partisans want a strong king along Western Imperial lines."
  • Barenziah:
  • "My son is dead. My only hope is that his murderer will be brought to justice."
  • "He is my son. He is also the King of Morrowind."
  • Helseth: "I am King Hlaalu Helseth, ruler of all Morrowind."
  • Plitinius Mero:
  • "The young king has been murdered! I cannot imagine who would do such a thing."
  • "Helseth is the son of Barenziah, former Queen of Morrowind, who herself was the niece of King Athyn Llethan. It is certain that his bloodline is strong. He is a young king, though, and perhaps a bit rash. He does not yet possess his mother's wisdom or his father's courage."
  • Gavas Drin:
  • "So, the young king is dead. I'm sure there will be another to replace him soon."
  • "Helseth is Morrowind's new king, replacing his recently deceased great-uncle, Athyn Llethan. This child king is a fool, raised by Imperials, educated by Altmer. He knows nothing of the Dunmer people. Have you seen his ears? He had them cropped to look more Imperial! He is a fool, and a dangerous one."
  • Fedris Hler:
  • "I'm surprised the king has been killed. He seemed like the careful sort."
  • "Our new young king. He is ruthless, and not foolish, as some would have you believe. He has some of his mother's political savvy, and he has all of his father's ruthlessness."
  • "I have heard that young King Helseth has been murdered. I do not like these things happening in my city."
  • "Helseth is the King of Morrowind. He is young, and has much to learn. Soon he will learn the strength of the Tribunal Temple, and its importance to all my people."
  • Tienius Delitian: "King Hlaalu Helseth is the Duke of Mournhold, ruler of all Morrowind. You would do well to show him respect."


  • Eno Romari: "Our beliefs are very simple, dear friend. The blessed Tribunal, though once filled with glory, are no longer the gods they once were. As with the tides and Tamriel's moons, all cosmic powers will wax and wane. But, when gods die, it creates ripples throughout the lands. The passing of the Three will be a prelude to the end of this era, and the beginning of the next. The followers of the End of Times are making ourselves ready for this to happen."
  • Meralyn Othan: "They preach that the Tribunal have lost their powers, and that this is a signal that the apocalypse is near. Eno Romari teaches his followers that our time in Tamriel is at an end, and the gates of Oblivion will soon open and the daedra will walk the land. Only the ancestors who have already left this world will remain once the daedric scourge covers the earth. And so he promotes what he calls "the Cleansing.""
  • Almalexia:
  • "This cult will be gone from my city soon, %PCName. I cannot allow such heresy to poison the minds of my people."
  • "They would dare...? So, the Tribunal has lost its power, has it? These fools would dare question Almalexia's power, here in her city! I will give them a lesson in power, %PCName, and you will be my agent."


  • Effe-Tei: "Mournhold is the Imperial capital of Morrowind and the Holy City of Almalexia, one of Morrowind's three Living Gods. Modern Mournhold is built upon the ruins of Old Mournhold, which was destroyed by Mehrunes Dagon at the end of the First Era. You can reach the abandoned passages of Old Mournhold through the sewers beneath Mournhold, and adventurers still seek lost treasures in the First Era ruins."


  • Helseth:
  • "Our Mother has been found dead. We will discover who is responsible for this, and they will be punished."
  • "She is the Queen Mother of Mournhold, Our Royal Mother."
  • Almalexia:
  • "Yes...the mother to young King Helseth. I heard she had passed. Such is the way of mortals."
  • "Yes...the mother to young King Helseth. A fascinating woman. Mortal, but fascinating."
  • Barenziah: "I am Barenziah. Were you confused about that?"
  • Fedris Hler: "Hmph...that one has ears everywhere. The people love her. Always have. And she's seemingly stayed out of politics since her return to Mournhold. Make no mistake, though: she knows the score in this town. A savvy old woman to be sure."
  • Gavas Drin: "I've not had the pleasure of her company, myself. Perhaps I'm one of the few. I'll say this: she's much loved by the people of the city. They should remember who truly deserves their love and admiration. All praise to our Lady of Mercy."
  • Tienius Delitian:
  • "Barenziah was found dead. The murderer will be brought to justice."
  • "Yes, the Queen Mother. Have you spoken with her? You'll usually find her in her chambers here in the palace. An interesting woman. Has the same keen intellect as her son, the king."
  • Plitinius Mero:
  • "I've been told that the great lady has been killed. This is a loss for all of Morrowind. I can't express my sadness at this occurrence."
  • "Ahh...the Lady Barenziah. A fine, fine woman. It has been my pleasure to have known her as long as I have."
  • Effe-Tei:"She's the Queen Mother -- mother of King Hlaalu Helseth. She's also the widow of General Symmachus, the great Dunmer hero, and a former queen in her own right back in Wayrest. Many years ago she abdicated her throne and retired from public life here with her son. Now that her son has become king, you might expect him to respect her counsel and experience... or not. I pay no attention to MY mother."

My trade:

  • Gee-Pop Varis: "I tend the plants and trees, and keep things looking pretty. I keep an eye on the weather, keep things watered when it's dry and dusty."


  • "Our contract is for 30 days, starting %contractCalvusMonth / %contractCalvusDay. You have %Contract_Calvus_Days_Left days left in the contract."
  • "I have no current contract."


  • Almalexia: "Once, Sotha Sil was like we are, the Lord Vivec and I. He spent time among these mortals, instructing them, counseling them, protecting them from harm. He may have loved them more than any of us, though I know not why. It has been many years since any have seen the Sorcerer, though. Many more since he took initiates into his service. I believe he grew weary of mortal imperfections, and retired to his Clockwork City, where he reshapes life, and some say the very world, into an image he finds pleasing."


  • Almalexia: "You'll find a number of them in my fair city. It was these artisans who built this city from ruins under my guidance. This glorious temple was erected by men and mer of stout heart and strong faith. If any in this land can forge that blade, they'll be found in my city."
  • Yagak gro-Gluk: "You're looking for someone to make a blade? I can make anything. Tell me what you need, and I can forge the blade. I'm that good. You betcha."


  • Plitinius Mero: "Why, "The Real Barenziah," of course! I felt it my duty to give to history a true and honest account of this remarkable woman. The story I presented, while true, was perceived as scandalous. My exuberance for the tale was left unchecked by wisdom, and I fear I caused some damage to the woman, not to mention the Imperial family."

Sotha Sil:

  • Gavas Drin:
  • "The Lord Sotha Sil is a great mage and a member of the Blessed Tribunal. He lives in his Clockwork City, and is rarely seen in Morrowind."
  • "The Lord Sotha Sil is one of the Blessed Tribunal. He is a mighty wizard, and is a source of inspiration for us all."
  • Helseth
  • "You have told me your story. The Tinkerer is no more."
  • "One of the Tribunal. None have seen the Tinkerer in centuries, from what I understand. I distrust these man-gods, especially ones I cannot find."
  • Almalexia:
  • "I worry greatly about Sotha Sil. I fear he has gone mad."
  • "Do not concern yourself with Sotha Sil. He lives in his own way, as he always has. No, I have not spoken with him in a long time, but this not odd. I'm certain all is well with my old friend."
  • Barenziah: "Sotha Sil is one of the original companions of Nerevar who have come to be known collectively as the Tribunal. It is said he is a powerful mage and a wizard with mechanical devices. Little else is known about this reclusive god."
  • Plitinius Mero: "Sotha Sil is one of the three God-Kings of Morrowind. While Vivec and Almalexia have traditionally been fairly visible to their followers, Sotha Sil has been more reclusive. He is known as a great mage and scholar, and is said to live in a Clockwork City of his making."
  • Vivec: "I do not hear from him since our defeat at Red Mountain. Truly, I scarcely ever heard from him. He is completely self-absorbed. Like myself, without the Heart, his divine powers will diminish, but I doubt he will notice the loss. He is fascinated by the hidden world and its mysteries, and I doubt he even notices us most of the time."


  • Effe-Tei: "Almalexia is one of the gods worshipped by the Dunmer in the Tribunal Temple. She's known as the Healing Mother and Lady of Mercy, the source of compassion and sympathy, and protector of the poor and weak. She's no tender-hearted powderpuff, though. She's an important symbol of Dunmer independence to those who resent the Empire, and the Hands of Almalexia -- her personal guard -- enforce a strict adherence to Temple doctrines."
  • Vivec: "We don't communicate. Without the Heart, our divine powers must diminish. She takes her divinity very seriously, and the loss weighs heavily on her. She tends to brood, and I fear she will do herself and others harm."
  • Barenziah:
  • "She is one of the Tribunal, the God-Kings of Morrowind. She resides in the High Temple here in Mournhold."
  • "I understand you have told my son of the death of the goddess and the passing of Sotha Sil. Keep this information close, %PCName. The people of Morrowind will need time to accept what has happened. Until then, continue to watch over them."
  • Helseth:
  • "The goddess lives in her Temple here in Mournhold. She surrounds herself with her priest and guards, and rarely ventures from her chapel anymore."
  • "Yes, I sent you to her to learn more about the attacks."
  • "It is an amazing story you have told about the goddess, %PCName. I commend your efforts."
  • Plitinius Mero: "Almalexia is a member of the Tribunal. She was the wife of Nerevar, and one of his most trusted advisors. She resides here in Mournhold, and is much loved by the people."
  • Fedris Hler: "The Lady Almalexia resides here in the High Temple. We in Mournhold all live under her protection."
  • Gavas Drin: "The Most Blessed Lady Almalexia guides and protects us all. We bask in her glory and are glad."
  • Tienus Delitan: "The goddess over in the Temple. She's surrounded by her Hands. Tough fighters from what I hear."

Gavas Drin:

  • Barenziah:
  • "Drin is the Lord Archcanon of the Mournhold Temple. He possesses great magical skill, and is utterly devoted to the goddess Almalexia."
  • "I have learned that someone has murdered the Lord Archcanon. This is a troublesome development. I fear the people will be frightened about this development."
  • Tienus Delitan:
  • "The priest? He's head of the Temple here in Mournhold. Never understood anyone who was that religious, myself. I've heard he's powerful, though, and he has Almalexia's ear."
  • "My sources tell me someone did the priest in. I guess even priests feel the bite of good steel."
  • Plitinius Mero:
  • "Gavas Drin became the Lord Archcanon over 10 years ago, when the former Archcanon died of old age. Drin has spent his life in servitude to the Lady Almalexia, and he has been rewarded with great power."
  • "I have heard that the Lord Archcanon has been murdered. I can't imagine who would do such a thing. Those at the Temple must be very concerned."
  • Helseth:
  • "Drin is Almalexia's Lord Archcanon. I distrust him, but he is directly under the goddess's protection."
  • "I've heard the Lord Archcanon was killed. Funny. I would have thought his goddess would have protected him."
  • Fedris Hler:
  • "The Lord Archcanon is most likely in his office here at the Temple. Go there if you wish to speak to him."
  • "The Lord Archcanon was found murdered. This crime will not go unpunished."
  • Almalexia:
  • "My dear Gavas has been a loyal servant of mine for many, many years. He is a shining example of the glory of the Tribunal."
  • "My dear Gavas has been found dead. My Hands will find out who has done this horrible thing, and that person will suffer. That someone would dare do such a thing in my Temple...."
  • Gavas Drin: "I am the Lord Archcanon Gavas Drin. The grace of the Lady be with you."

Fedris Hler:

  • Gavas Drin:
  • "Fedris Hler is the Lady Almalexia's Steward. You may find him in his office in the Temple Reception area."
  • "Fedris Hler has been found dead! This is a very sad time for us here at the Temple. But, by the Grace of Our Lady, we will find the culprit."
  • Fedris Hler: "I am Fedris Hler. What do you want?"
  • Almalexia:
  • "Fedris Hler has been found dead. Murdered, it seems. That anyone would dare do this in my Temple.... My Hands will find the murderer, and he will be dealt with severely."

Found dead:

  • Meralyn Othan: "Yes, my brother was found dead not long ago. I think it was poison, probably given to him by Eno Romari and those sick End of Times lunatics."
  • Almalexia: "At least seven of them have been found so far. All dead, all in their homes. It appears they ingested a strong poison, and not even my magicks could revive those who were found. We must find out what drives this group, and rid my city of their presence. Speak with Meralyn Othan at the Great Bazaar; her brother Sevil was one of those found. Learn what you can about them, %PCName, and of this Eno Romari. Take care with him, though. The words of a martyr cry louder than those of a zealot."

Eno Romari:

  • Almalexia:
  • "The leader of this little cult. He resides in Mournhold, though he is not known to have a permanent residence. He is dangerous, %PCName, as he spreads discontent among my people. He is not to be killed, though. I want no martyrs to this madman's cause."
  • "We know he is in the city, but little else about him."
  • "I will take care of him."
  • "I did not want him killed! You displease me, mortal fool."
  • Eno Romari: "I am Eno Romari. How may I ease your mind?"
  • Meralyn Othan: "A lunatic, %PCName. You'll often find him outside the Winged Guar, spouting his nonsense to passersby, and to the drunks stumbling out of the tavern."

Discontent in the temple:

  • Galsa Andrano:
  • "Helseth has murdered King Llethan and stolen his crown. It does not matter that King Llethan was a fool. He was OUR fool. So long as the puppet king was a joke, we all could laugh and ignore him. Helseth is not a fool, and no one is laughing. If Helseth seeks in earnest to be king, then Almalexia and the Temple are sworn in earnest to destroy him."
  • "You are a friend of Mehra Milo? Then I can speak freely. Helseth has murdered King Llethan and stolen his crown. It does not matter that King Llethan was a fool. He was OUR fool. So long as the puppet king was a joke, we all could laugh and ignore him. Helseth is not a fool, and no one is laughing. If Helseth seeks in earnest to be king, then Almalexia and the Temple are sworn in earnest to destroy him."

Service to our lady

  • Fedris Hler:
  • "I am always aware of those who might be able to serve our Lady Almalexia. Few are worthy to do so. The Temple and the city is guarded by the High Ordinators, and the Hands fulfill other duties for the Lady. I am her Chief Steward, Fedris Hler. Now, if you wish to be of use, we have some matters to discuss."
  • Gavas Drin:
  • "Unfortunately, I know of nothing you may do for the Lady now. Speak with Fedris Hler. He usually has errands that must be completed by the lowly. Don't let him tell you he has nothing to be done. I'm sure there's something."

Other Matters:

  • Barenziah: "Mournhold is a town of two minds. On the one hand, there is the monarchy, led by Helseth, and on the other there is the Temple, and the goddess Almalexia. It is hard to know whom you may trust. While there has been no open hostility between the two, there are always undercurrents that bear watching. I would like you to make yourself known to the Temple. See what you can learn. Speak to Fedris Hler. He is a powerful man in the Temple, a confidant of Almalexia. See if you can get to know him a bit."


  • Greetings:
  • "Oh, it's you again."
  • "Are you here to show me that thing you did? Or did you want to feed the spiders?"
  • "What are you here for? Are you here to feed the spiders?"
  • "Weren't you the one who was going to deliver my ash yams? What took you so long? I've got all these kwama eggs and no ash yams because I hate ash yams."

  • House Telvanni: "It's a funny sort of house, with all those glowing blue crystals all over it. Did I ever tell you about when I was a little girl? I always liked going to the house. That's where everyone keeps their toys. Are you listening to me? You'd better be. Yes, that's better. No need to do that. I'd offer you something, but I'm all out of kwama eggs."
  • Nerevarine: "Nerevarine? Is that a new play? I like plays."
  • Telvanni bride: "That's lovely, dear, but I don't think so. I have so much to do around here. Besides, I'm already married. I'm fairly sure. Avos. Or Aren. I think. Little fellow. He's around here somewhere. Some sort of magic thing. Quite funny, actually. Did I tell you? About how easy it is to get those caretellian coordinates mixed up? Oh, dear... really quite a laugh. Quite funny. Yes, indeed. Ehr.... What were we talking about?"
  • Telvanni councilors: "No, Telvanni make the worst councilors. I wouldn't listen to their advice if I were you."
  • Therena: "Eh? Yes? Therena? Yes? Yes. Of course."

  • Telvanni Horator:
  • "You want to see my hormador? Oh, dear, where did I put it? In the basement? What did you say? You want to BE a hormador? Well, if that's what you want, go right ahead. I remember my first hormador. I used to have a little baby scrib, and I kept him in my hormador, but he was eaten by spider. With a man's body. Down in the basement. What were you saying? Where did you go?"
  • "...it's a steel box, of course. You keep things like bittergreen roots in it, keeps 'em fresh, with a little netch blood. Or is that a hormador? Yes. Or spiders. In the box. Spider eggs. Keeps 'em fresh. With netch blood. You wouldn't have any with you, eh? Spider eggs? Nice fresh ones? So, go ahead. Show me the hordador. Hormador? You got it with you? Always happy to get some fresh spider eggs. Or spiders? When I was a MUCH younger, we grew our own spiders..."
  • "...In hormadors. Big ones. Needed 'em big, for the spiders. What? Spiders? You listening? Spiders. That's what I said. Big ones. So you need a big hortator. Ours was steel, with silver plating. Kier-jo used to polish it. Cute little kitty. Had it since it was a bitty kitty. Gone now, of course. Dropped dead. They get old, and you have to get new ones. Never quite as good as the old ones, of course, but what can you do. Oh! There you are, %PCName! What was your name again? Are you listening to me?"
  • "Hmph. Mustn't be rude, now. It's Mistress Therana speaking to you. And when Mistress Therana speaks, everyone LISTENS. Don't they? Because if they don't, then they get very stiff and get stuck way down in BASEMENT WITH THE SPIDERS."
  • "Who wants to talk about hormadors? That's boring. It's so boring here, with no one to talk to. Except Tilami Heralo. And Monosa Darys. And Muldroni Rendas. And whasshisname, Bals Tadrus. And all they talk about is themselves. It's so dreary. If only they'd do something smart. Or surprising. Or funny. Or something to do with spiders. But, no. Just.... *Zzzzzz.* [Mistress Therana has apparently fallen asleep in mid-sentence.]"
  • "Goodness. Where did you learn how to do that? Can you do it again? Oooo! Very pretty! Do it again! Oh, please? Please? Oh, certainly. I have a hormador around here somewhere, if you'll just.... Oh. You want to be a Hortator? Certainly. Go right ahead. Right after you do that thing again. That's amazing! Oh, goody, goody...."
  • "That's nice, dear. Is the Hortator that silly thing you showed me? Would you do it again? Ooooo! Thank you! Oh. Dear. Tired now. *Zzzzzz.* [Mistress Therana has apparently fallen asleep in mid-sentence.]"

  • Auriel's Bow:
  • "No, not right now, thank you."
  • "Yes, I can definitely smell the ash yams that bow was baked in."
  • "No, no, no. I knew you wouldn't understand. I want a bow that smells faintly of ash yams."
  • Ash Yams:
  • "Ash yams have the strongest smell in Ghostgate near Ralyn Othravel."
  • "I *smell* ash yams but I don't *see* ash yams. Are you lying to me?! I don't like people who lie to me... But if you give me the bow, I might let you go."
  • "Then I will have to clear out that horrible ash yam smell myself."
  • "Oh, dear. This bow smells like ash yams. This isn't any good to me at all. I hate ash yams. If I gave you a little present would you go away and promise never to bring me any ash yams ever again?"
  • "Let's pretend I paid you to go away. Here, take this sack of drakes and take that horrible stench with you."
  • "Here, take these old things and leave me alone."
  • "No thank you. I already have some."

  • new clothes:
  • "New clothes? What new clothes? Oh, yes, I wanted a Khajiit fur skirt. Are you listening? Yes, pay attention. A Khajiit fur skirt. Tell Felisa that I already have one, thank you."
  • "Oh, is that my new skirt? How do I know it's not cursed? Why don't you put it on."

Torasa Aram

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Location Mournhold, Museum of Artifacts
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Level 30 Class Noble
Other Information
Health 207 Magicka 172
Torasa Aram

Torasa Aram is a Dunmer noble who can be found in the Museum of Artifacts. She will buy artifacts for half of their value up to a total price of 30,000 gold. She also has a number of other pieces, and one shield dating from the time around Nerevar's death.

Related Quests


  • Voice:
  • "Welcome to the Mournhold Museum of Artifacts."
  • Greetings:
  • "Greetings. I am Torasa Aram, Curator of the Mournhold Museum of Artifacts."
  • "Welcome back to the Museum, %PCName. Are you here to look, or did you wish to sell something?"
  • "You have nerve, I must say. But you must be crazy if you think I'll buy artifacts from you that you've stolen from me."
  • Dwemer Battle Shield: "Well, I don't know what else to call it. You should probably have a smith look at it, though."
  • Museum of Artifacts:
  • "The Museum is always interested in expanding its collection; do you wish to sell something? I must advise you, however, that all transactions are final. This is not a pawn shop; you may not come back and reclaim artifacts when you feel like it. I can tell you that the Museum is prepared to offer fifty percent of the value of any artifact, up to 30000 gold; I believe you'll find this is a more profitable offer than any other that will be made to you."
  • "The Museum is privately funded, and is an effort to collect and display many of the artifacts from this part of the world. Should you want to sell something you feel the Museum will be interested in, bring the item here and we can assess its value. Be warned, however, that theft is a serious matter, and likely to equal a death warrant for any foolish enough to attempt it."
  • sell something: "The museum is interested in purchasing unique artifacts from all over Morrowind. If you have anything we might have an interest in, we can discuss the specifics. I can tell you up front that the Museum is willing to offer half the total value of any artifact sold, up to 30000 gold. We do have a limited budget, you see."

Selling artifacts

  • Auriel's Bow:
  • "Auriel's Bow... interesting. Is that ash yams I smell? I can offer you 15000 gold, if you wish."
  • Sell/Donate the item.:
  • "Thank you, %PCName. It's rare to find an item for our collection with such a distinctive aroma."
  • "You don't have Auriel's Bow with you? Then come back with it, and we'll settle the deal."
  • Keep the item.: "It's your choice, of course."
  • "Yes, thank you for allowing us to add it to our collection."
  • Auriel's Shield:
  • "Another shield for our fine collection. Are you willing to sell it, %PCName? I can offer 13500 gold for it."
  • Sell/Donate the item.:
  • "Thank you, %PCName. We shall display it proudly."
  • "You don't have Auriel's Shield with you? Then come back with it, and we'll settle the deal."
  • Keep the item.: "If you should change your mind, please let me know."
  • BiPolar Blade:
  • "Legend has it that a nobleman sank his fortune into creating a blade of supreme power. Two smiths on opposite ends of Tamriel created each half of the blade, unaware of the other, with the hope that no one man, save the owner of the blade, would know its true power. Unfortunately, the smiths were not given enough instruction, and created halves with enchantments that completely negated each other. Do you wish to part with it, %PCName? I can offer you 20000 for it."
  • Sell/Donate the item.:
  • "Very well. It will take up a place in our collection. Likely a place towards the back. Thank you, %PCName."
  • "You do not have the blade with you? Return with it, and we can settle the matter."
  • Keep the item.: "You're quite sure, are you? Very well. Somehow, I think we will get by without it."
  • "Yes, it's quite an...interesting... piece. I'm glad that it's on display."
  • Bloodworm Helm:
  • "Said to have been left behind by the Worm King himself. Evil, but beautiful. If you wish to sell it, %PCName, I can give you 17000 gold for it."
  • Sell/Donate the item.:
  • "While I admit I find it repulsive, it's an intriguing piece for our collection. Thank you, %PCName."
  • "You don't have the Bloodworm Helm with you? Then come back with it, and we'll settle the deal."
  • Keep the item.: "It's your choice, of course. I'd suggest exercising judgment in using it, however. Necromancy is a dangerous thing."
  • "It's interesting to see that something most people find so offensive is one of the biggest draws at the museum. Wouldn't you say?"
  • Boots of Blinding Speed:
  • "Well, they're certainly... interesting, aren't they? An odd combination of enchantments, to be sure. Do you wish to sell them to the museum? It's not much, but I can offer you 250 gold for them."
  • Sell/Donate the item.:
  • "Thank you, %PCName. They'll certainly be one of our more amusing artifacts, I'm sure."
  • "You don't have the Boots of Blinding Speed with you? Then come back with them, and we'll settle the deal."
  • Keep the item.: "Well, that's your choice. The museum will survive without them."
  • "Thank you for allowing us to add them to our collection, %PCName."
  • Boots of the Apostle:
  • "Worn by Tiber Septim; supposedly a gift to Talos Stormcrown from the Greybeards. Wonderous, %PCName. Simply wonderous. And you're willing to sell them to the museum? Well, then I can offer you 27500 gold as compensation."
  • Sell/Donate the item.:
  • "I am truly honored, %PCName. Thank you."
  • "You don't have the Boots of the Apostle with you? Then come back with them, and we'll settle the deal."
  • Keep the item.: "Very well; it's your choice."
  • "Yes, thank you for allowing us to add them to the museum's collection."
  • Bow of Shadows:
  • "Well, this is a piece I never thought I'd see. Did you know that the assassin Dram was said to have wielded this bow? I would be honored to have this on display. I can offer you 21000 gold for it."
  • Sell/Donate the item.:
  • "Thank you, %PCName. A wonderful addition indeed."
  • "You don't have the Bow of Shadows with you? Then come back with it, and we'll settle the deal."
  • Keep the item.: "Very well. May your arrows fly straight and true, %PCName."
  • "Yes, thank you for allowing us to add it to our collection."
  • Chrysamere:
  • "Well, well. The Paladin's Blade. A wonderful find, to be sure. Do you wish to part with it? I can offer you 30000 gold for it."
  • Sell/Donate the item.:
  • "Thank you. This will take a prominent place in our collection, as I'm sure it will be very popular for our visitors."
  • "You don't have the Chrysamere with you? Then come back with it, and we'll settle the deal."
  • Keep the item.: "Well, please do take care of it, then. I'd hate to see something happen to such a valuable weapon."
  • "Yes, thank you for allowing us to add it to our collection."
  • Cuirass of the Savior's Hide:
  • "Ahh... Hircine's Hide. What a prize! Are you willing to part with it? I can offer you 30000 gold for it."
  • Sell/Donate the item.:
  • "Thank you, %PCName."
  • "You don't have the Cuirass of the Savior's Hide with you? Then come back with it, and we'll settle the deal."
  • Keep the item.: "Disappointing, but understandable. Let me know if you reconsider."
  • "Yes, thank you for allowing us to add it to our collection."
  • Dagger of Symmachus:
  • "The ceremonial dagger of General Symmachus? How did you come to possess this? What a local treasure! If you're willing to part with it, I can offer you 10,000 gold for it."
  • Sell/Donate the item.:
  • "Thank you, %PCName."
  • "You don't have the Dagger of Symmachus with you? Well, please go get it, and we can complete our arrangement."
  • Keep the item.: "I understand, though I'm disappointed. It's a piece of such local historical significance."
  • "Yes, it is a wonderful addition to our collection. Thank you again."
  • Dragonbone Cuirass:
  • "Ah, the very definition of an artifact. They don't make them like this anymore, eh %PCName? So, are you willing to sell/part with it? I can offer you 30000 gold for it."
  • Sell/Donate the item.:
  • "Thank you, %PCName."
  • "You don't have the Dragonbone Cuirass with you? Then come back with it, and we'll settle the deal."
  • Keep the item.: "You're quite sure about that? Ah, well. Perhaps at a later date we can discuss it again."
  • "Yes, we're very honored to have it as part of our collection."
  • Ebony Mail:
  • "I'd heard of the Ebony Mail, but never seen it. It would fit well in our collection; will you part with it? I can offer you 30000 gold for it."
  • Sell/Donate the item.:
  • "Thank you. I assure you it will be well cared for."
  • "You don't have the Ebony Mail with you? Then come back with it, and we'll settle the deal."
  • Keep the item.: "As you wish."
  • "Yes, thank you for allowing us to add it to our collection."