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This page is dedicated to providing an area on UESP for trading in ESO. Please follow all notices that are posted. Anyone is allowed to post here regardless of current wiki account or guild membership status.

UESPWiki is not responsible for these trades. UserID is not required for sellers, but is strongly encouraged.


UserID is required.

@dtmwerks - wtb: darkstride set lvl 37! all pieces except head. will pay 800g each! also wtb blue RI1-3 recipes! 800g each. or a donation/trading :P

Will pay 100g each for (or trade for, or accept donation of) any blacksmithing items with the following traits:
  • Chest - Exploration or Divines
  • Feet - Divines
  • Hands - Impenetrable or Exploration
  • Legs - Sturdy or Infused
  • Shoulders - Infused, Exploration, or Divines
  • Waist - Exploration
Will buy/trade glyphs of level 30+ (Potency 4+) for deconstruction.
Will buy level 50 or VR blue food with Health/Stamina or Health/Magicka. Name your (reasonable) price.


Obvious trolling will be removed immediately. UserID is required for the buyer. Once the goods have been sold, please update or remove the offer.

Donation Requests

All donation requests must have a UserID attached. Once you have received the items please remove your request.

@dtmwerks - need: RI1 green recipes. Specically level 15 ones. Even more specifically...

bottle buzz, dragon-tongue ale, sylph sandy, hive mind, slash of the dragon, sylph gin, dragon-tongue shirza, dream madeira, wet wasp white

liverwurst tart , mutton pie, worm tart, liver * lights, mutton ribs, grilled worms, baandari mutton stew, liver goulash, wriggles-in-gullet


The person who is accepting the gift must provide a UserID.
For Daggerfall Covenant - Will donate werewolf bite (I really just haven't done it and want to see).