Skyrim:Mine or Yours

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SR-qico-Miscellaneous.png Help Filnjar by ridding the Redbelly Mine of frostbite spiders.
Quest Giver: Filnjar
Location(s): Shor's Stone, Redbelly Mine
Reward: Leveled Gold
Disposition: =1 (Filnjar)
ID: FreeformShorsStone01
Redbelly Mine

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Talk to Filnjar about the local mine.
  2. Clear Redbelly Mine of frostbite spiders.
  3. Return to Filnjar.

Detailed Walkthrough

Of Sulfur and Spiders

Redbelly Mine is a small ebony mine located in Shor's Stone. The mine gets its name from the red mist filling the caverns and smelling like the sulfurous hot springs out in the volcanic tundra. The local blacksmith, Filnjar, will tell you the mine is not producing right now. In fact, the mine is currently overrun with spiders. Filnjar is worried that the invading arachnids will venture out of the mine looking for food soon. What's worse, the town guards are as useless as "a fifth wheel on a wagon" as they prefer to keep an eye out for enemy soldiers rather than trouble themselves protecting the town’s major commodity. If you are willing to give Filnjar a hand, he will tell you, "Keep to your word, and I'll line your pockets with as much as I can scrape up."

Spider Extermination

The mine is to the west, close to Filnjar's House. Get into the mine and you'll find some frostbite spiders soon. There are two groups of three spiders, with medium and small spiders attacking en masse. Remove every spider to complete the quest. You can also find the three ebony ore veins (see Bugs section) near the bottom level of the mine.

Gold for Spiders

Return to Filnjar and tell him the good news. "Gone? Every one of them? Why, that's incredible." Then he'll reward you with leveled gold for reopening the mine and putting Shor's Stone back on the map.

Levels Reward
1-9 500
10-19 750
20-29 1,000
30-39 1,250
40+ 1,500


  • There is a Shor's Stone Guard that sits outside the mine. If you talk to him or her and enter the mine while dialogue is continuing they will follow in and can be used to help clear the mine, though it's not a difficult task unless at a very low level.
  • Killing all the frostbite spiders should trigger the option to "Return to Filnjar" regardless of having talked to him or not.
  • Filnjar's dialogue does not change even if the Civil War is over; he still says the guards are looking out for enemy soldiers.


  • There are several dessicated corpses within the mine despite Filnjar stating that nobody had been harmed by the infestation.
  • After first completion, the spiders may respawn and the miners will continue to work in the newly infested mine, potentially causing harm to NPCs in the mine.
    • PC Only This bug is fixed by version 1.0 of the Unofficial Skyrim Patch.
    • If the spiders respawn and you have already completed the quest once, the quest might reset to the point where you have to return to Filnjar after killing some or all of the spiders.
    • The miners do not enter the mine at night; re-entering the mine then should allow you to kill the spiders again without any harm coming to the miners.

Quest Stages

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Objective 10: Clear Redbelly Mine of spiders


Objective 20: Return to Filnjar


Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
  • The following empty quest stages were omitted from the table: 10, 250.