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Creation Club
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Creation Club is an in-game cash shop for Skyrim Special Edition that offers microtransactional add-ons using a digital currency called Creation Club Credits. It is available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Creation Club offerings are known as "Creations" and are official Bethesda content, developed with third party developers and contracted mod authors.

Obtaining Credits

CC Credits can be obtained in the following ways.

  • Purchased:
    • 750 CC Credits - $7.99 / €6.99
    • 1500 CC Credits - $14.99 / €12.99
    • 3000 CC Credits - $24.99 / €20.99
    • 5500 CC Credits - $39.99 / €34.99
  • 100 free credits were given to everyone upon launch of the store.

Note that on PC and Xbox One, your credit balance is shared between Skyrim and other games that make use of the Creation Club.[verification needed]


Creation Credits Categories Description
SR-prerelease-Arcane Accessories.png Arcane Accessories 100 Apparel
From robes that grant spellcasting bonuses, to ancient tomes holding powerful spells like Paralysis Rune and Unbounded Frost, this pack will increase any mage's effectiveness. (Creations are obtained through a quest, and appear in containers in the world.)
90px Arcane Archer 150 Weapons Give your hunting a magickal advantage with equipment specially designed for archers, like Telekinesis Arrows, Soul Stealer Arrows, Fire and Ice Arrows, Lightning Arrows, and a unique power that equips a Bound Quiver. (Creation is obtained through quest.)
90px Chrysamere 300 Weapons Known as the Paladin's Blade and Sword of Heroes, this legendary claymore is imbued with powerful magic, like Fire Resistance, Spell Absorption, and devastating damage. (Creation is obtained through quest.)
SR-prerelease-Divine Crusader.png Divine Crusader 500 Apparel
Now you, too, can wield the powerful equipment of the Divine Crusader, Pelinal Whitestrake - once reserved only for the revered Knights of the Nine. Created by Maty743. (Creation features two sets of armor and two weapons, and is obtained through a quest.)
Dwarven Armored Mudcrab 50 Creatures It's a mystery how, why, or where this faithful companion received his special armor, but one thing's for certain - nobody's seen a Mudcrab like this before. (Creation is obtained at vendor.)
Lord's Mail 300 Apparel The legendary Imperial relic known as The Lord's Mail is rumored to be in the possession of Redguard mercenaries. The Imperial Legion has ordered you to retrieve it by any means. (Creation is obtained via a quest.)
SR-prerelease-Plague of the Dead.png Plague of the Dead 400 Creatures
In Skyrim, when the sun falls, the dead rise! Beat back the zombie hordes, and retrieve valuable Mort Flesh. (Creations appear at night at certain locations in the world and through a quest.)
90px Ruin's Edge 400 Weapons Wield this deadly dark bow, favored weapon of Syl, the Duchess of Dementia. Each arrow shot has the chance to cast a spell, like Paralyze, Silence, Demoralize or Frenzy. (Creation is obtained through quest.)
SR-prerelease-Staff of Sheogorath.png Staff of Sheogorath 250 Weapons Symbol of office for the Madgod Sheogorath, this grotesque staff has the power to stop opponents in their tracks. (Creation is obtained through quest and includes extra bonus artifact, the Fork of Horripilation.)
90px Stendarr's Hammer 200 Weapons Rumored to have been wielded by Stendarr, the God of Righteous Might and Merciful Forbearance himself, this two-handed hammer will deliver devastation to any foe. (Creation is obtained through quest.)
SR-prerelease-Skyrim Survival Logo.jpg Survival Mode 500 Gameplay In Survival Mode, your greatest adversary is Skyrim itself. Unrelenting cold, harsh wilderness, famine and fatigue - do you have the strength to endure? (Creation features new gameplay mode including new UI, and can be turned on or off in Settings menu. For details, consult Help Menu. If you start a new character, Survival mode does not enable until after you leave character generation.)


Creation Credits Categories Description
Sheogorath Bundle 450 Weapons The Bundle includes Ruin's Edge and the Staff of Sheogorath. (No additional discounts are applied if you already own a Creation in this Bundle. To check if you already own a Creation, look under the Purchased tab.)


  • Creations occasionally receive updates. These will need to be manually downloaded from the Creation Club store interface.