Skyrim:Bow of the Hunt

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Unique Item: Bow of the Hunt (000ab705)
Type Bow
Editor ID dunClearspringTarnBowOfHunt
Damage Damage 10
Damage Damage 10 {{{Health}}}
Speed 0.9375
Speed 0.9375
Weight Weight 7 Value Value 434
Tempering Steel Ingot
Tempering Steel Ingot Perk Steel Smithing
Animals take 20 points of extra damage:
Charge/Cost = Uses 1000/32=31
A hunting bow
The Bow of the Hunt at its initial resting place

The Bow of the Hunt is a hunting bow found on an altar, next to a copy of the Archery skill book Vernaccus and Bourlor, inside Clearspring Cave. This bow has a unique enchantment that does an additional twenty points of animal damage. Tempering the Bow of the Hunt requires one steel ingot as well as the Arcane Blacksmith perk, with the benefits of tempering being doubled if the Steel Smithing perk is also unlocked.