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Book Summary
Parameter Scope Description
title optional Full title of book. This does not have to exactly match the page name. If not provided, PAGENAME will be used.
sortkey optional title of book to be used for alphabetical sorting in categories. If not provided, PAGENAME will be used.
grouping optional Which letter page to group the book in. Must be upper case.
  • Only needed in Lore namespace, and even there it's optional. If not provided, first letter of sortkey will be used.
skipbox optional Set to "yes" to force the infobox to NOT be shown (in cases where the infobox would otherwise be empty.)
notrail optional Set to "yes" to hide the usual breadcrumb trail.
nocat optional Set to "yes" to skip Categories.
nodiv optional Set to "yes" to not use book-style formatting.
poem optional Set to "yes" to use poem-style formatting (like book-style, but without indents. Used for poems, plays, and anywhere else you don't want indents.)
prev optional Link to previous book for series books.
next optional Link to next book for series books.
author required Name of the author of the book.
description required A brief description of the book.
Lore versions of the book
SR optional Set to "yes" if there is a Skyrim version of the book. Use this or SRName.
SRName optional Name of the book in Skyrim (if different from Lore version.)
Ditto for:
SRExtra optional Extra information to display after a Skyrim link (e.g., for mod-specific books).
OBExtra optional Extra information to display after an Oblivion link (e.g., for mod-specific books).
MWExtra optional Extra information to display after a Morrowind link (e.g., for mod-specific books).
Source optional Source to be displayed instead of "Seen in" section for Lore-only books.
Game-specific versions of the book.
mod optional Name of mod that adds book (if not in base version of game).
id optional ID.
value optional Value in gold
weight optional Weight
  • Either use both weight and value or don't use either.
icon optional Inventory icon, without leading File:. Can also be a full image link or links for special cases, like Hanin's Wake.
skill optional Skill trained by book.
spell optional Spell trained by book.
topic optional Dialogue topics added by book.
faction optional Associated faction for book.
factionname optional Alternate name for faction (only used if faction is present).
map optional Map marker(s) added by book.
quest optional Quest for which the book is needed.
questrel optional Quest to which the book is related, but not needed.
loc optional Location(s) where the book is found.
lorename optional Name of book in Lore namespace (without "Lore: prefix")
  • If not provided PAGENAME will be used; set to "none" if Lore book does not exist.
note optional Set to "yes" to add the pages to the Notes category instead of Books
news optional Set to "yes" to add the pages to the Newspaper category instead of Books
coded optional Set to "yes" to add the page to the Coded Documents category
hasmap optional Set to "yes" to add the page to the Map Notes category
comment optional Freeform comment that is displayed as "Notes" at the bottom of the infobox