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Home Settlement Mathiisen
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Level 9 Health 1616

Zurka is a Khajiit merchant currently in Mathiisen trying to trade for the town's famous swords. However, she is not feeling very welcomed: "Zurka comes here all the way from Dune. She has very lucrative business, one of the best merchants in Elsweyr. And she can't get a single meeting with Condalin or Malanie!"

Why not?: "Simple. This one is a Khajiit. If she were some High Elf hustler, she'd be getting the best deals and the best merchandise. But because this one has fur, a tail? All she gets is silence. Dark Moon!"
They're not just busy?: "Dull claws, busy. Zurka has been here a week. The only person who will talk to her is Aonus, and he's just an apprentice. This one will give them one more day. One!"
Are the blades here really worth that aggravation?: "Pah. At this point, no. Zurka needs nothing. She's just trying to open up trade. The Khajiit, the High Elves. We are allies now, yes? Auridon and Dune need each other."

After the events involving the Veiled Heritance transpire in town, she decides that she's had enough of Mathiisen: "Zurka thinks she will be leaving now. Auridon has proven a bit too... exciting for the likes of her."

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