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The Taking of Abamath
Regarding a Wood Orc town which fell to the Ayleids

Wood Orcs pride themselves on the strength of their arms, their spirits, and their god. They know they can be beaten in battle, but never defeated.
That pride and that belief betrayed them in Abamath. When Ayleid forces arrived at the Wood Orc town, the warriors painted themselves in the "blood of Malacath" and relied on their shamans' magic to protect them from the invaders. They stood strong and held.
And then they broke.
And died.
And some few fled—a shame that haunts their descendants.
The Ayleids took Abamath and turned it into their own demesne. The Wood Orcs remember their defeat and have turned it into a rallying cry. Many Wood Orcs—especially those who trace their ancestry back to the taking of Abamath—paint their faces red still, hoping to cleanse their shame with displays of renewed ferocity.