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ON-qico-Normal.png Help the Lunar Champions in their first trial.
Zone: Reaper's March
Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Objective: Required for Cadwell's Almanac Rawl'kha — Help the Lunar Champion begin a spiritual journey.
Quest Giver: Hadam-do
Location(s): Rawl'kha, Rawl'kha Temple
Previous Quest: To Rawl'kha
Next Quest: The Path to Moonmont
Reward: Pathwalker's Shield
1 Skill Point
518 Gold, Silver(?) Gold, Gold(?) Gold
Recommended Level: 39
The candidates begin the trial

I've traveled to the city of Rawl'kha, where I'm to help the Lunar Champions begin their spiritual journey.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Talk to Kauzanabi-jo inside Rawl'kha Temple.
  2. Watch the ceremony.
  3. Drink the Moon-Sugar Elixir.
  4. Talk to Shazah, or talk to Khali.
  5. Walk the path with the Lunar Champion.
  6. Walk the path with the next Lunar Champion.
  7. Talk to Kauzanabi-jo.
  8. Observe the ritual.
  9. Talk to Kauzanabi-jo.

Detailed Walkthrough

Talk to Hadam-do in Rawl'kha. He says they are expecting you inside the temple. Although he tells you to follow him, he won't move and you enter the temple. He can be found again in the small room before the steps.

Enter the Rawl'kha Temple and talk to Kauzanabi-jo and the Dominion Elite.

The Dominion Elite

The Green Lady says the Wood Elves are deeply divided, so much so that she believes the Dominion is at its most vulnerable. Queen Ayrenn says the High Elves are cautious, but she says the Summerset Isles will continue to support Elsweyr. Mane Akkhuz-ri says he can never atone for his deeds, and he says he is Mane no longer. Lord Gharesh-ri says the Khajiit are talking about the situation with the Mane and two potential candidates.

The Moon-Sugar Elixir

Talk to Kauzanabi-jo about the ritual. You can ask her questions about it, if you want. You will drink an elixir to make you "more receptive to the touch of Jone and Jode" and then follow the Lunar Champions.

Listen to Kauzanabi-jo as she invites the Lunar Champions to drink the elixir.

"We have gathered here to usher the Champions onto the next path. The trial path. These three cups contain moon-sugar elixir, a sacred potion. They will allow the light of the moons into your souls. Champions, step forth and drink the elixir. The third cup is for the Moon Hallowed, who will walk with the Champions on their path."—Kauzanabi-jo

Then, it is your turn. Drink the Moon-Sugar Elixir from the center cup on the table.

Next, you need to pick the Lunar Champion you want to observe. Tell whomever you choose, you are "with them".

Shazah's Path

Follow Shazah into the temple portal behind her.

"That hut. This place…are those supposed to be Knahaten Flu victims?"—Shazah

Fight the Knahaten Flu victims, in order to get to the next part of the temple. You do not have to kill all of them. The door to the next room is to the south.

In the next room, watch as Shazah greets her father Ubraz, her guide on the path.

"My daughter. It's good to see you again."
"You've become so adept with magic, my daughter. Your wisdom has far exceeded my own."
"Father, you are my guide. Why are you here? What am I to learn from this cleansing?"
"My Shazah, always so eager to learn. Cub, you and your sister have a connection that transcends knowledge. Now, you must learn from my past. Pray at the lunar shrines. Learn from Khali, that you may face what lies ahead at Moonmont. Become what you were born to be."

The Moon Shrines

Next, you need to use the Moon Shrines. There are three shrines: Full, Waxing and Waning. You have to wait for each vision to end in order to use the shrine.

The three visions show Ubraz, Shazah's father, trying to cure the flu, but eventually failing and succumbing to the plague himself.

Ask Shazah if she is ready to continue, then enter the next room.

Survive the Dead

There are three waves of enemies to defeat in the center of the room. Each wave has more than the previous. However, once all the Flu victims are dead, talk to Shazah in front of the northern door.

She knew those people—they worked with her father and one was her cook. She learns to be brave, like her sister. Enter the portal, which completes Shazah's trial.

Khali's Path

Talk to Khali, then enter the portal behind her.

Defeat the Colovians who killed her mother, then enter the next room through the door to the right.

Khali's mother, her guide on the path, appears.

The Moon Shrines

Use the three Moon Shrines and watch the visions.

Talk to Khali after you use all three shrines.

Defeat the Colovian General

Defeat the general who killed Khali's mother, then talk to Khali again. She realizes that she fights to protect those she cares for. Follow her through the portal into the temple's main area.

The Cleansing

Talk to Kauzanabi-jo. There is one more step—the Cleansing.

Watch the ritual, then talk to her again.

Quest Stages

The First Step
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Enter Rawl'kha Temple
Hidden Objective: Talk to the Green Lady
Hidden Objective: Talk to Queen Ayrenn
Hidden Objective: Talk to Speaker Gharesh-ri
Hidden Objective: Talk to Former Mane Akkhuz-ri
Objective: Talk to Dominion Elite
Objective: Talk to Kauzanabi-jo
Objective: Watch Ceremony
Objective: Drink Elixir
Objective: Talk to Khali
Objective: Walk the Path with Khali
Objective: Fight Through the Visions
Objective: Watch Khali's Vision
Hidden Objective: Vision 1
Objective: Use Waxing Moon Shrine
Hidden Objective: Vision 2
Objective: Use Full Moon Shrine
Hidden Objective: Vision 3
Objective: Use Waning Moon Shrine
Hidden Objective: Defeat General Quintilius
Objective: Return to Temple Sanctuary
Objective: Talk to Shazah
Objective: Walk the Path with Shazah
Objective: Watch Shazah's Vision
Hidden Objective: Defeat Zombies
Objective: Survive the Dead
Hidden Objective: Khali Say
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