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ON-qico-Normal.png Help a spinner learn the stories of her people.
Zone: Reaper's March
Objective: The Vile Manse — Investigate the Vile Manse.
Quest Giver: Melrethel
Location(s): The Vile Manse
Reward: 328 Gold, Silver(?) Gold, Gold(?) Gold
Recommended Level: 40
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Find the corpses of lost villagers

I discovered a Spinner named Melrethel imprisoned in the cellars of the Vile Manse. She claims to be from the Wood Elf village that Graccus razed and built his manor upon.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Release Melrethel.
  2. Talk to Melrethel.
  3. Find the three villagers' belongings.
  4. Talk to Melrethel.

Detailed Walkthrough

In a small cell in the Vile Manse, Melrethel sits, chained to a post.

"Welcome to the Vile Manse. Do you come to aid me?"
Who are you?
"My people and I are of the village that used to stand here. Before Graccus came. He burned our homes and built a manor over the remains. I am the last villager, the last Spinner. Kept alive for stories of ones who worshipped ancient, dark gods."
Shall I free you?
"In doing so, you would have the gratitude of this Spinner. With my fate goes the memory of the village."
I will let you out.

Unlock her chains, then talk to her again.

"I thank you. If you are braving the cellars further, I would again ask for your help. On behalf of all my people."
How can I help?
"There are three villagers who died before I could learn their stories: Norvir, Fardel, and Thara. Their vessels remain in this cellar, and it is my hope that their belongings do, as well. If I could hold their belongings I could hear their stories."

You need to search their bodies to find their belongings.

Fardel's body is north of where you found Melrethel. Take the wooden mug. The other two are southeast of her old cell. Norvir's body holds an old lute. Thara is the farthest south and appears to have been turned into ice. She has a cracked hourglass.

Talk to Melrethel after you've found all the belongings. She is on the dock outside the manse's exit. If you stay, you can learn their stories.

Quest Stages

Song of the Spinner
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Unlock Chains
Objective: Talk to Melrethel
Objective: Search Fardel's Body
Objective: Find the Villagers' Belongings
Objective: Search Norvir's Body
Objective: Search Thara's Body
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