Online:Saving the Relics

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ON-qico-Normal.png Recover some ancient Argonian relics from Bogmother.
Zone: Shadowfen
Objective: Bogmother — Uncover Bogmother's secrets.
Quest Giver: Gerent Saervild Steel-Wind, Tree-Minder Raleetal
Location(s): Bogmother, Camp Silken Snare, Mudshallow Cave
Reward: 260 Gold
Recommended Level: 26
Calming the Dreugh

Shadowfen's Vicecanon Hrondar sent Saervild Steel-Wind to Bogmother's ruins to collect Argonian relics. [if taken from Steel-Wind]
The Dominion set up a camp at Bogmother, possibly looking for relics they can use to control the nearby dreugh. [if taken from Raleetal]

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Talk to Gerent Saervild Steel-Wind.
  2. Collect the Argonian relics.
  3. Find the Tree-Minders.
  4. Talk to Tree-Minder Raleetal.
  5. Search the Dominion camp for a bedroll.
  6. Return to Tree-Minder Raleetal.
  7. Find Saervild Steel-Wind.
  8. Talk to Tree-Minder Raleetal.

Detailed Walkthrough

Quest Stages

Saving the Relics
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
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