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Regarding the "Fists of Thalmor"

Confidential Diplomatic Missive: Thalmor Eyes Only
Deliver Only To: Aicantar, Sapiarch of Indoctrination, Crystal Tower, Alinor

Your Sapience,
In retrospect, I am of the opinion that titling a para-military unit the "Fists of Thalmor" has been an error of nomenclature. Though accurate as to the function of said unit, in the local vernacular the title has been shortened to simply "Thalmor," which inaccurately conflates our diplomatic corps with the Dominion military. Furthermore, inasmuch as the Fists, in pursuit of their enforcement duties, may occasionally exert more force than some might think necessary, this taints the Thalmor with a perception that our agents are heavy-handed thugs. Needless to say, this doesn't help when negotiating for aid from the local indigenes.
In future, I think we would be wise to return to referring to our enforcement units as "Justiciars," even if it does make our Khajiiti citizens disinclined to join because it sounds so stuffy.

Yours in Diplomacy,
Canonreeve Falduil