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ON-qico-Normal.png Defeat the Daedra emerging from a portal at Moonhenge.
Zone: Greenshade
Objective: Moonhenge — Investigate the source of the Daedric invasion.
Quest Giver: Scout Ruluril
Location(s): Moonhenge, Isles of Torment
Reward: Moonhenge Chausses
454 Gold, Silver(?) Gold, Gold(?) Gold
Recommended Level: 31
Destroy the sigil stone

I need to halt the Daedric invasion from Moonhenge.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Talk to Scout Ruluril.
  2. Rescue the Dominion scouts.
  3. Talk to Sergeant Galandir.
  4. Unseal the portal.
  5. Find Captain Ethrel.
  6. Locate Ethrel's team.
  7. Find the portal keys and activate the pillars.
  8. Close the Moonhenge portal.

Detailed Walkthrough

Rescue three scouts from a Daedric invasion. Each scout is held in place by a binding ritual, which you can destroy by interacting with it. The first scout, Kilolemar, is behind the rocks directly across from the opening in the wooden fence. The next scout is up the path to the right. The final scout is next to the ruin, Moonhenge.

Rescue Sergeant Galandir.

Quest Stages

Moonhenge's Tear
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Rescue Scout Thiirel
Objective: Rescue Scout Khurra
Objective: Rescue Scout Kilolemar
Objective: Rescue Sergeant Galandir
Objective: Talk to Sergeant Galandir
Objective: Destroy the Crystals and Defeat the Dremora
Objective: The Crystals Were Replaced
Objective: Unseal the Daedric Portal
Objective: Enter the Daedric Portal
Objective: Rendezvous with Captain Ethrel's Squad
Objective: Enter the Isles of Torment
Objective: Find the Soldier
Objective: Collect the Key of Strife
Objective: Find the Scout
Objective: Collect the Key of Discord
Objective: Activate the Pillar of Discord
Objective: Activate the Pillar of Strife
Objective: Find the Sigil Stone
Objective: Defeat the Harvester
Objective: Take the Sigil Stone
Objective: Cast the Scroll
Objective: Escape the Isles of Torment
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