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ON-qico-Normal.png Help a trapped Argonian escape.
Zone: Shadowfen
Objective: Sanguine's Demesne
Quest Giver: Sings-with-Drink
Location(s): Sanguine's Demesne
Reward: (?) Gold, Silver(?) Gold, Gold(?) Gold
Recommended Level: 27
Sings-with-Drink requires your help to leave the party.

Sings-with-Drink has been trapped in Sanguine's celebration for four years. He's convinced he can only escape if the other party goers are distracted by an entertainment troupe from Morrowind.

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Speak to Sings-with-drink to acquire the quest.
  2. Find the remains of the four performers; Galmon, Thanelon, Marilla and Marwyn.
  3. Convince each performer to return to their correct area.
  4. Galmon works at the bar.
  5. Thanelon works on the stage.
  6. Marilla and Marwyn work in the ballroom.
  7. Speak the Sing-with-drink to complete the quest and receive a reward.

Detailed Walkthrough

Sing-with-drink has been trapped in Sanguine's Demesne for many years, unable to leave due to an addictive drink passed out to all participants of the party. When you speak to him, he will explain that at one point there were four performers at the party who were so talented that even the daedra were less violent and too distracted by the performers to care much about aught else. Unfortunately, all four performers are now dead. He will ask for your help, explaining that a special draught can be poured on their remains and you can instruct the performers to return to work again, giving Sings-with-drink a chance to escape the Demesne.

You are told to find Galmon, Thanelon, Marwyn and Marilla.

It is vital that you instruct them to return to the correct positions, or you will be forced to start the quest over again.

The correct positioning for each performer is:

  • Galmon works at the bar.
  • Thanelon works on the stage.
  • Marilla and Marwyn work in the ballroom.

Quest Stages

Life of the Party
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
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