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Home City Elden Root
Race Altmer Gender Male
Level 19 Health 645

Estaamo is an Altmer that can be found at Elden Root. He is located next to the wayshrine and can be seen examining it often.


When you first meet him

  • "I am not proposing that the Bosmer could not have done this, but it seems unlikely. It does not seem Ayleid in origin, either. And these engravings... what could they mean? It is a mystery. To me, at least. And I am a learned scholar."

When talked to again

  • "I have been studying this structure since I first arrived here in Elden Root, and I must say, it is simply fascinating! Stones of these size moved into this interior portion of the tree——how was it done? Could the ancient Bosmer have done this?"

Third time spoken with

  • "I have reached the conclusion that these symbols mean nothing. Unless they are devotional engravings to the Bosmer tree-god of drunkenness and song, Y'ffre. They might mean something in that case. Aside from that, however, they are meaningless."

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