Oblivion:Rohssan's Dog

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Rohssan's Dog (RefID: )
Home City Market District
Imperial City
House A Fighting Chance (Private Quarters)
Species Dog Soul Petty
Level 1 Type Animals
RefID BaseID
  • 8pts melee
Other Information
Health 40 Magicka 0
Respons. 0 Aggress. 45
Faction(s) Rohssan's Family
Rohssan's Dog

Rohssan's Dog can be found in Rohssan's Private Quarters of her store A Fighting Chance in the Imperial City Market District. It has a higher than normal aggression, meaning that there is a fair chance it will attack on sight. The player will likely encounter this dog if he/she must steal Rohssan's Antique Cutlass during May the Best Thief Win.

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